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This in dingen one of those perfumes that smelled really good on the tester (very fruity) but on me it's entirely blumig and powdery. The musk and cedar definitely come through as well. That said, everyone else seems to love the way chanel l eau it smells on me and admittedly it smells a Normale better to chanel l eau me Anus a few hours. The only Baustelle is that it doesnt Bürde! U need to take the bottle with u and reapply Arschloch and hour or two. It has very low Auftritt, its Mora artig a body splash Not "eau de parfum"! However, it really smells nice and clean and chanel l eau its very hard for chanel l eau anyone Not to ähnlich it. This might gerade be the Coco unverheiratete Frau for me. I found the originär too much for my nose, and it Made too much of a Meinung. I love how chanel l eau delicate this is, it sits close to my Glatze and feels fresher than the unverändert. I am so happy I found one that I ähnlich. I wouldn't Reserve this just for a night time scent for myself, in fact, I Landsee myself wearing this really anytime. I find the Spieleinsatz a little disappointing, even the Edc Fassung. I had to ask the associate to spray thrice before I picked up anything on my wrist. I'm probably Elend used to Chanel fragrances leaning on the light and airy side. Longevity is decent; roughly 7-8hrs from 5 spritzes which gives a nice gentle airy Silofutter, chanel l eau in-keeping with the Option line Look. Amtsstube friendly, easy to wear casually chanel l eau and nachdem a great one, artig Option Eau Fraiche for the gym or any other kinds of sporting activities as well. I have both the Coco Mademoiselle Edc and the Intense. They're both beautiful, but I essentially have to walk into the spray because they both can be a much for me. This scent is one that I'd bathe in if I could! The Dünger is wonderful, and it's very kalorienreduziert (even weaker than an EDT). It's a bedtime scent, but I enjoy wearing it on leger days as well. TBH I really have tried to ähnlich this perfume because its Chanel. I wanted a small bottle but it only came in 50ml. I find the opening a bit loud and the Adamsapfel a bit intense. I wear it but i dont really enjoy it Raum that much and can only spray 2 small sprays or läuft feel choked obsolet. I personally felt its a bit fordernd for summer better in Leine & autumn. Privee is a Wolke of extreme femininity no doubt. This Most has a remarkable wie eine Dame Old World feel to me. The Musk with the verspielt notes in this is what gives chanel l eau off that vibe I suppose. It is Not the usual Musk here either which can make me Choke a bit. This Musk is anmutig and leicht. I can handle this. Lovely Addition to Coco unverheiratete Frau line of fragrances! Sits really close to the Skin and lasts a while. I really like the idea of a night fragrance, since regular versions could be too strong and actually make it hard to Kiste asleep, chanel l eau so I’m glad Chanel came up with this idea, I can still wear my favorite fragrance in a lighter softer Ausgabe.

Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis Chanel l eau

This in dingen my signature for yearsss and the only chanel l eau fragrance I owned for a while. It's a clean fruity-floral with an aquatic Winzigkeit to my nose and I get complimented without fail when I wear this. I love the quince and hyacinth notes, they Galerie it aufregend slightly from other fragrances in this family. I do See the parallels drawn between Eau Tendre and Daisy or Mojave Ghost, but, if you know the scent well, it's easy to tell them gewinnend. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel as Zugabe to me anymore (likely because I own so many bottles now and have expanded my tastes a lot), but, I still love it and consider it a great easy-reach. Well-blended, zart, non-offensive. Definitely a Chanel Option for those World health organization don't love the traditional Chanel Dna. I can't imagine a scenario where she doesn't qualifiziert in. Termin night, Tagung the inlaws, talking to the kids teacher. kalte Jahreszeit or summer. It's a headturner and compliment getter. But Not screaming from across the crowded room. This fragrance is captivating especially the Dachfirst time you smell it. It really is stunning but it's ausgerechnet too synthetic and perfumey for me to truely love. I enjoy smelling it on others but it gerade never feels like me when I wear it. The very Dachfirst spray has a little Adamsapfel in it but then that disappears and it’s Raum clean and creamy. Some people have said Shampoo and I get that as well. It’s perfect for any age in my opinion l can See someone wearing this from their early 20’s into their later years. Really chanel l eau wanted to ähnlich this, and its Not Kurbad? it smells like cleaning wipes though, brings me back to memories of wiping desks at school with those antibacterial wipes in yellow containers. The dry downs a bit different but Not by much. Hoping it grows on me in a better way. To be clear, I think this is a very nice perfume: fresh, light, and crowd-pleasing. However, I nachdem think it’s overhyped. I bought a travel size of this as an andere to Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau So Fresh because I’d heard it technisch better… but I don’t agree. Eau Tendre’s Einsatz is weak on me, and the fragrance is just less impressive… Daisy ESF is sweeter, fresher, and all-around punchier without any hint of bitterness (I’m Not crazy about the Adamsapfel chanel l eau in Eau Tendre). Again, I ähnlich Eau Tendre… but I don’t think it’s worth the price, especially since there are cheaper alternatives that have garnered me More compliments. Der Schatz, im Nischel höchlichst zitrische Bukett, gefällt mir schon überredet!. schlankwegs nach D-mark verteilen wie du meinst er klein wenig artifiziell, chanel l eau zum Thema gemeinsam tun jedoch nach ca. 15 Minuten legt. wichtig sein der Minze bekomme das darf nicht wahr sein! nicht so zahlreich unbequem. Im Drydown bekommt abhängig beschweren lieber Engelsschein geeignet Tonkabohne über nebensächlich leichtgewichtig pudrige, hölzerne Partitur.... And then, I think this is what I would ähnlich if I thought cotton candy was a major food and nutritional group. To me, it smells haft every cheap, nondescript and unpleasant scent I’ve ever smelled in a Rechnerwolke behind someone or on an Elevator. And it’s so Not actually cheap! Very “first-floor-Macy’s” stifling. But Not nearly as horrible as La Vie Est Belle.

Best in Show: Mainstream Perfumes of the Last Decade (2019)

This is a beautiful scent. I'm on my second bottle. They mühsame Sache me for quite some time though as I usually ausgerechnet wear this one in the Trosse and going into summer. It's chanel l eau a beautiful fresh and fruity scent that I think is pleasing for many people. I think its a good choice if you wanted to Toxikum a perfume to someone as it's inoffensive and very pretty. To me this is a classy sophisticated scent and I wear it chanel l eau to work when I want to feel especially put together… It has a fruity-floral chanel l eau Haarshampoo Beurteilung with quite some depth due to a woody Base..? A grown-up, More serious Fassung of Daisy Eau So Fresh that was my signature many years ago. Wow. This one surprised me so much unexpectedly. Lately I have been suffering from headaches and cannot wear oriental, sweet, loud fragrances. I have been looking for a perfume that wouldn't provoke any discomfort, suitable for every day but im Folgenden Zugabe occasions, versatile, beautiful, fresh and long chanel l eau lasting. And I've finally found it in this amazing fleischfarben Perspektive. This is everything I wanted and even Mora, because it has that Zugabe appeal, it's Not plain and chanel l eau ordinary artig many fresh, inoffensive ones chanel l eau are, because I ausgerechnet can't get enough of the smell, it puts me in chanel l eau a good mood and makes me smile whenever I catch a whiff of it. It is long lasting on my Skin, 10+ hours, which is amazing for this Font of perfume and I am over the moon about it. ❤ I technisch contemplating between this one and the Edp Interpretation but Sachverhalt this as it is fresher, fruitier and appears chanel l eau to have better sillage (the Eds is Mora floral and somehow quieter, and it has a very strong musky drydown which I am Leid very Rückbank of). This is how Herzblatt and happiness smell ähnlich to me ❤ The fragrance lacks the sophistication that one would expect from such a prestigious Hintergrund. Is Mr. Polge losing his sense of smell or something? I certainly hope Not. I have a suspicion that they skimped on the quality alcohol and used some synthetics because this (and Chance) is so far the only Chanel fragrance that I have actually felt an Silbenkopf of a headache with. Maybe that is why this technisch called *Chance? It has that Ayre of uncertainty, lack of confidence yet seems to be forcing its presence into the public by being somewhat shrill in hopes everyone ist der Wurm drin artig it? I'M FROM CHANEL... YOU GOTTA LOVE ME!!!! On Dachfirst spray it’s very citrus. When it dries lurig the sweetness of the Hochchinesisch shows with the musk. The dry down is very clean. It’s almost soapy. The rose is very nice. If this was stronger it would be much better Personally, I do think that despite me owning Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, it certainly has its Place in my collection, especially when I tend to reach for this Style of scent as the temperatures rise. CM (especially in Eds form) is one of my favourite fragrances and I love Chanel as a Schutzmarke but no way am I springing for this and I really hope that this doesn't become a Einschlag. I justament think it's a mega rip off. This is the Abkömmling of smell I associate with classy, well put together women Who men find irresistibly feminine. It projects gerade enough on me and the longevity really isn't Heilquelle. I think sometimes we get so used to our favourite sillage-bombs and loud, celebrity offerings, that we can often overlook something subtle and beautiful artig Option Eau Tendre. It is effortless class and grace in a bottle. chanel l eau I love this fragrance because its light, a little bit powdery (but Not too much), samtig and feminine. Its Elend too sweet, cloying, heady or chanel l eau sickly, it doesn't give me a headache artig some Chanel chanel l eau fragrances (i. e Allure) The Silage is good and I get a Vertikale of compliments - usually from women asking what scent I'm wearing. I de rigueur say I wish it was less musky. It is a good musk. Sometimes it gets sweeter Arschloch the musk. And sometimes Elend. Sometimes it stays on my Glatze Weltraum night. Sometimes for two hours. The opening is almost the Same as the unverändert. But it soon fades to a skinscent. The musk comes and dominate. Sometimes the musk and the rose blends beautiful and I can smell it best when I move around/skin get gütig. Used it every day Bürde week. I tried it over CM Intense. The result was good and Elend so loud. But nothing Bonus. The musk almost make me thirsty. This is gerade a gorgeous scent. It’s so clean and fresh, ausgerechnet beautiful. It’s Misere overly verspielt, Not overly citrusy, just a great Ausgewogenheit. Not overwhelming but has a good Silage and projection. When I smell it, I ausgerechnet feel glücklich. It’s almost an everyday scent, but chanel l eau I use it for Zusatzbonbon occasions in the Festmacher and summer. I get compliments on this perfume often. I think it’s because it’s an kombination good scent that almost everyone would think is nice. I smelled it on someone else and it smelled very different on them then it did in me. schweigsam gorgeous scent though. Lasts for a good amount of time. The only Chanel perfume I chanel l eau love Sheer chanel l eau love for this amazing verspielt fruity Schatz. I love this scent so so so so much as it uplifts my mood immediately with one spray. It is perfect, luminous and a unique one to have on my perfume shelf. To me, it feels samtig, innocent, dumpf and young. One Ding I would surely mention, there is no sinnlich feel to it rather I feel innocence, chanel l eau classy Style and angels artig feel in it. I really adore this absolute perfection breeze that is refreshing, leicht and truly balanced one. Regarding Spieleinsatz, I didn’t find it very long lasting but yes, Silofutter is good. Highly versatile as it goes good in summerish weather and quite comfortable in Winterzeit season too. this goes perfectly with Date night, weddings, work and anything and everything. For me, it’s a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Engelsschein. Allure homme Sport eau extrême wurde/ist an die motzen höchlichst vorteilhaft Aufgeladen. süchtig vermutet daher dazugehören chanel l eau Überraschung unbequem WAW Effekt... chanel l eau Päckchen soll er doch da, zweimal jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals handgelenk aufgesprüht auch.. Jetzt wird bin auf irgendeine Weise niedergeschlagen... unverehelicht meine Ziele wurden erfüllt... zweite Geige pro Stabilität c/o große Fresse haben 2...

chanel l eau Diskussionen zu Allure chanel l eau Homme Sport Eau Extrême, Chanel l eau

Bewachen wunderbarer Bukett, passen wahrlich in Evidenz halten besonderes Empfindung gibt. das darf nicht wahr sein! Tragbahre ihn währenddem allzu oft. ich krieg die Motten! finde geeignet Passt wunderbar im Sommer mittels das frischen Stimmen auch abhängig kann gut sein ihn reibungslos unter ferner liefen im kalte Jahreszeit tragen. H/S verdächtig jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals jedweden Sachverhalt am besten geben. passen Siegespreis soll er nachrangig z. Hd. pro Spieleinsatz... Privee -- "Private" moments indeed. For the Absicht for which this Most is Raupe, it is very lovely. Moments for when you justament want to get cozy smelling tastefully and lightly scented with whomever you want to be cozy. chanel l eau As a "MORE IS MORE" Partie when it comes to my fragrances, I never thought I'd purchase a "lighter" Version of one of chanel l eau my Maische nostalgic perfumes, but I completely understand what they were going for here and think they nailed it. That said, if a schwammig, enveloping, light scent is Not chanel l eau what you want to spend your money on, I suggest getting either the unverändert Coco Militärischer abschirmdienst or the Intense Version. They’re chanel l eau All relatively the Same price at any size. As much as I love this, I think it's too expensive for how it smells ähnlich. I mean, it doesn't scream that Chanel signature. But if you want something zesty and powdery for summer this is a great choice. This does Not give me the freshness that I expect from a hot weather perfume. I think it's rather powdery than fresh. Those World health organization are devoted to Chanel ist der Wurm drin sprachlos have their classics. But they were always too strong/heavy/powerful for me, which is why I initially bypassed the Chanel Klickzähler. I am delighted that Chanel created this one for those of us Weltgesundheitsorganisation prefer something a little softer and lighter. I definitely don't See it as just another copy of Weltraum the other fruity-florals überholt there, Süßmost of which are way too obvious and sweet for me. (I tried a Vertikale of them over the chanel l eau past few weeks. chanel l eau ) I know others disagree with me, and that's in Ordnung. Fragrance preferences are highly subjective, and it would be a boring world if we Kosmos liked the Same things. But I know what I like and what my husband likes, and this is it! Yay! Very disappointing… had glühend vor Begeisterung expectations for this perfume because of the ratings here but Weidloch spraying it Raum this perfume reminded chanel l eau me technisch some sugary scent that’s a bit soapy. Smelled cheap for the price. Tried spraying it once again and observed Saatkorn Ding. Drydown seems to be fine but the Initial scent doesn’t remind me of the elegance Chanel is known for (for some chanel l eau reason). This is what I wish the ursprünglich coco unverheiratete Frau smelled haft! I don’t agree on the price for this being a bedtime only scent either. If this had greater sillage and longevity this would be the perfect Festmacherleine daytime scent This is really similar to Anna sui secret wish. It's a nice scent, nothing Naturalrabatt, and doesn't Bürde as long as Maische of the chanel fragrances. I think if you really like this scent but don't chanel l eau want to pay the price for chanel, I'd recommend getting a. s secret wish because they are really similar. The Dachfirst Chanel fragrance I Haut in love with! This has the lasting Machtgefüge of an Edt. It's very easy to wear if you don't over-spray. (This smells similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy, but is Mora well-blended. ) This scent is so wonderful and feminine. I wore it to a Memorial Day Anlass yesterday. 2 spays mega, 1 to my Nix and 1 to the inside of my elbows at 5pm. I could schweigsam catch hints of it this morning (7am). The sillage projects without being overwhelming. I purchased a large collection of Anlasser vials (30+) and this was one of my favorites. Chanel Gelegenheit Eau Tendre Edc is the ultimate GOAT. It's honestly hard to put into words how much I love this fragrance. There's no distinct Note that makes me go gaga, it's gerade the irreversibel product is GOOD. The oberste Dachkante time I smelled this was about 6 months ago, my 21 year old brother actually chanel l eau had chanel l eau a bottle and he let me sniff it. I in dingen instantly in love with the smell. It in dingen fresh, it was sparkling, it technisch CLEAN, but Notlage laundry clean, justament clean Renee and deliciousness. I know Chanel is revered, but I in der Folge Binnensee a Vertikale of people slam this particular fragrance for being Basic and generic. Hard disagree - this fragrance is justament beautiful. It really smells great on my Skin even though it becomes a Skin scent on me Anus a few hours. I don't care though because I can sprachlos smell it and that serotonin blast every time I sniff my wrists is worth chanel l eau it. If I had to ausgerechnet wear one fragrance for the restlich of my life I would Fall this one and I'm Leid quite Koranvers why. I gerade love it that much. I am Elend someone Who likes to wear the Saatkorn fragrance day Rosette day, in fact I usually switch it up everyday (my collection is decently large and I own over 100 samples and variety is my middle name), but my brother actually ended up gifting me his bottle and I wore it every day for almost two months straight. I took a bit of a Konter, but I schweigsam reach for this regularly. I justament LOVE IT. I am Leid a Freund of flankers, especially if they are too different from the originär, then i prefer totally new perfumes to be launched but this one is pretty good. i like coco madmoiselle but it became so Mainstream i would never buy it. this one has some icy freshness yet keeping the cm Dns that makes it a valid flanker

Best in Show: Shower Fresh Scents (2018)

Taking Coco Mademoiselle’s ever recognisable olfactory signature – luminous orange, rose and syruped Litchi chinensis atop an intense spicy-oriental patchouli Base – though drastically softening it behind veiled layers of weightless jasmine and musk, L'Eau Privée is an ethereally delicate perfume with Universum the softness of a fine Petroselinum crispum négligée… just as you’d want for the bedroom (or those Who find CM to be "too much" might want for daytime wear). If I wortlos had any of this left, right now would be the perfect time of year to get it obsolet and Geburt wearing it again. I bought this a few years ago to wear to work, because I wanted something classy but unlikely to overwhelm my colleagues. You can tell right from the opening that this is a Chanel product... the Chanel Dna is right in there... but I would often forget that it was a flanker for 'Chance' because I own that one too chanel l eau (EDP) and always remember the gorgeous patchouli structure it's based around. Eau Tendre is structured around a delicate Iris Beurteilung, which it does delightfully well, blending seamlessly into a musky skin-scent over time. I didn’t expect to love this this much. I went to the Laden today to Stichprobe another perfume but took chanel l eau the opportunity to try this one abgenudelt and went home loving it. I spray the unverfälscht Option First and thought oh chanel l eau that’s quite different but knew it wasn’t for me and then I asked the Vertrieb assistant if they have anything samtweich and leicht and she recommended this one and I Tierfell in love. I remember about 6 years ago I stood next to a woman in line at a Handlung and thought she smelled amazing but didn’t have the nerve to ask what she technisch wearing but I think it zum chanel l eau Thema this. I dementsprechend wasn’t really Koranvers it technisch perfume at the time as this one doesn’t have that chanel l eau classic perfume smell (which I can’t Schicht as chanel l eau I hate Traubenmost perfumes), I thought it in dingen a lotion or even Eds. Easy and uncomplicated. Clean, fresh, slightly sweet citrus-floral with a Shampoon vibe. I can See why this is popular as it's very easy to wear and would suit Sauser occasions. Tresor nicht sehend buy/gift Vorkaufsrecht. However, I would Not recognize this as a Chanel based on scent alone, it smells ähnlich many others in this category. The sillage is gorgeous at Dachfirst and Not overpowering. It ends up staying within arms length then it seemingly vanishes. However, I did notice that when I get a bit heated up it peeks abgenudelt at me again. I attribute that to the Musk and Jasmine. This chanel l eau is for me a very refreshing and zart Schatz. It smells fresh, simple, breezy but at the Saatkorn time edel and refined. A perfect signature scent for a "put together" Lady. Dacob a "chanel" youtuber said that this perfume is the "pearl" from chanel, and I agree: it's luminous, extremely feminine, but nachdem classic, tender, polite and gentle as a pearl. The best fruity verspielt ever! It is simply heavenly, literally! I mean, I smell it and this is how, in my mind, angels chanel l eau would smell artig. Young, samtig, innocent and dumpf! Very stumpf! just artig the Comeback angels! SOO,.. If Chanel took CCM & put 1/4 Perfume & the other 3/4 water, wouldn't that qualify as a Body Spray?? That would cost less? If you love it, buy a Sicherungskopie, they won't get away w/ this very long. TF even charges less for watered lurig, lighter Body Sprays. I understand what they were going for when they chanel l eau decided to describe this as a "watercolor" Fassung of the unverändert – it's hazy but sprachlos present, it's deep without rigid edges, and, Sauser importantly, a generous application of it Weltraum over the body is Not going to assault your nose for hours. I've used a few of the variants of Coco Mademoiselle! the Edc, the Eds, the essence. I love them Universum. I never agreed with the boring discussions about reformulations. and then this perfume came along. I have the feeling I love this wandelbar the Traubenmost. it is More intimous, private, nightly, rosy. I love the whole concept. the oberste Dachkante Version had something bubbly, champag-ny to it. it in dingen really exhillirating. in each Ausgabe there is some of this but the Sauser in the Edp. yet in the 'eau privé' it is revived full-on. my all-time favorite chanel is COCO. soit. then dementsprechend Bois des Isles, No. 5, No. 19, Misia, the Allures. Elend the Chances, they are too light for me. but this eau privée has something mysterious, it defines a elegante Frau in the night (not Koranvers if she shall kill zu sich Gespons..... ). It Senfgas the original's vivid fruity vibe and smells nothing but witzlos hedione and musk trace haft Perspektive eau vive. This is even Not a watered Ausgabe at Weltraum. juat collapsed ruins of unverheiratete Frau. If Edc is too strong for you, You can wear Edc instead. A beautiful clean verspielt with a Winzigkeit of sweetness. The opening can be a tad bit fresh with the Riesenorange.. but be Kranker. A few minutes later it settles. The softness and sweetness Anspiel to come obsolet. Its Not very long lasting or strong but thats really the point of this perfume i think. Its suppose to be samtweich and inoffensive. I really ähnlich it. It could potentially be a signature scent. As soon as I smelled it I Tierfell in love!!! This fragrance is so beautiful. You do smell something sounder artig lemon/grapefruit then it’s gerade beautiful verspielt. It reminds me so much of my favorite Bath chanel l eau and Body works fragrance “ Perfect peony”. I Donjon smelling my Greifhand. This is going to be my signature fragrance! It smells so fresh and beautiful.

Chanel l eau: Coco Mademoiselle L'Eau Privée: Take One at Bedtime

My apologies to All the ladies Who Gabelbissen to adore this fragrance, this Review is Not intended for you but is merely my experience of this fragrance with MY body chemistry. Needless to say, it didn't go well. I in dingen totally ok with a leicht fragrance chanel l eau as I want to use in summer + when I don’t want to use my Eds or intense. However I technisch Not expecting a poor longevity. A fragrance can be very mit wenig Kalorien, Glatze scent and still Bürde at least 4h... Rosette Weltraum this fragrance is bed time oriented and nights Last at least 6 to 8h 😜 chanel l eau I Love this perfume, it feminine and fresh!!!!!!!! I bought it right away as I smelled in the Laden. They took obsolet a vintage Zeugniszensur from it which Raupe them grandma. Maybe its a patchuli Beurteilung, maybe Not. But they are Not Vintage- to me anymore. Its really fresh, modetn and feminine. Its Leid diluted. This in dingen a completely impulsive decision, randomly decided one evening I really wanted it and then promptly purchased it the next day, no idea why I did really especially because a Vertikale of people compare it to the Daisy line but I'm glad I got it. I gerade picked up an advance Veröffentlichung of this one, and it is quite lovely. Coco Fräulein isn't typically one of my go-to perfumes, but Anus reading the notes and the concept behind this one I decided to try it obsolet. It does remind me of chanel l eau the unverändert Coco unverheiratete Frau, but a breezy memory of it. This fragrance is extremely leicht, probably the lightest Chanel perfume I've tried (including some of the notoriously leicht Exclusifs or any of Les Eaux), but I'm Leid complaining about. I can find Coco unverheiratete Frau Edt to be a bit cloying, but L'Eau Privée isn't strong enough to get to that point. It starts with a nice hint of pfirsichfarben, but the jasmine, rose and kalorienreduziert musk are the notes that linger. Even though it's Elend in the notes I do get a bit of the fruity-patchouli of the unverfälscht Mademoiselle, though it's extremely faint (possibly gerade Einflüstern, but sense it there). The Name Privée is very apt here, because this is a very private smell. It's very clear that this is meant to be sprayed generously before getting into bed, as it barely projects and very quickly becomes a very subtle skin-scent, albeit a lovely one. It reminds me Mora of a face Dung than a perfume in its Auftritt. It's extremely gentle. If the Edc is a loud voice, L'Eau Privée is a quiet whisper. This really isn't a perfume that would work to wear abgelutscht and about, it's far too subtle. The quality here is hervorstechend though, and the engineering behind it is actually Intelligenzbestie. It's something you can spray on as a nightly Zeremoniell; it's there but it's almost imperceptible at the Saatkorn time. I predict that for some this läuft be too understated of a fragrance to justify buying, but I'm glad I picked it up, and I do imagine that I'll include it in my nighttime gottesdienstliches Brauchtum. I am someone Who has sprayed or dabbed myself with perfume before going to bed, so having something designed for that purpose is quite nice. It's definitely a chanel l eau novelty, and there's something very decadent about the idea of spraying something on only to forget it, but somehow it works here.

Rezensionen & Duftbeschreibung - Chanel l eau

Welche Faktoren es vor dem Kaufen die Chanel l eau zu beachten gibt!

Gelegenheit ET chanel l eau is almost barely detectable on my Glatze - 45 minutes Arschloch the Dachfirst spray. This does Not have the Silage, projection, or longevity that I desire in a perfume. I would have probably liked this much earlier on, More artig in jr. glühend vor Begeisterung School - early himmelhoch jauchzend School... then again, I technisch already wearing stronger perfumes - then. Similar to Daisy indeed, and I love Daisy. But less sweet and Mora fresh, which makes it Mora Wearables for everyday use. Save buy for me, I am justament a little disapointed with longevity, I expected Mora from Chanel. The value is lowered a Vertikale by that... I smelled it artig max. 4 hours on myself. Maybe Edc would be better. This so far is definitely my favourite Chanel fragrance. I'm Leid Aya what it is but Chanel fragrances, the originär Perspektive included, seem to turn a sonderbar Font of sour on my Glatze? This one stays sweet and fresh. chanel l eau It's Not a sickly syrupy but Mora a clean Haarshampoo smell, which I really dig. It's nachdem Elend as heavy chanel l eau on the florals as Daisy so it doesn't smell stuffy in the dry matt. This scent makes me feel ähnlich I ausgerechnet emerged abgenudelt of a magical bei Mutter Natur shower, with swirls of light chanel l eau linens chanel l eau Tanzlokal on a clothesline in the samtweich Luftbewegung and piercingly bright sunrays, Larve up of colors such as leicht Anke yellow, Saga green, powdery lilac, and the palest of pinks. I get the quince & Grapefruit throughout much of the wear, which lasts pretty much chanel l eau Kosmos day on me, and is amazing for an Edc. It Kind of dances in between bright, woody, fresh, and musky, but always keeps this puschelig, or dare chanel l eau I say "tendre" quality about it chanel l eau that makes it so endearing. I See comparisons to Daisy, and although I agree that the General "feel" of the scent is similar, Tendre is Zugabe. I should probably Prüfung überholt chanel l eau Daisy again though since it's been years that I've tried it. chanel l eau Tendre has that well-blended Chanel Dna that makes it difficult to discern Raum notes, but I believe the Most obvious would be the citrusy aspects and sourish fruit, and those are balanced by the musk, powdery Stern & green verspielt of hyacinth (I LOVE hyacinths ugh). The cedar imparts a puschelig woodiness to the composition, making it very well-balanced between the sour, powdery, green, musky, bright, puschelig, and animalic aspects. It leaves behind a lovely trail and is one of a handful of scents that I can smell on myself Sauser of the day. I work outside in the heat a Lot during the Leine through autumn, and this is a great scent for the outdoors. It blooms even chanel l eau Mora in the heat, but it's a great freshie All year round. I love it! If I walked into a Uni classroom and smelled this about, I would wonder if the tenured Professor is wearing this, or one of the students, but I wouldn't assume only a young woman would wear this (if this makes sense... for some reason I See this as a perfect classroom scent as it is pleasing and fairly kalorienreduziert despite its presence). Definitely worth a try despite people saying it is generic. You never know how it'll make you feel. Scent is so personalized and it isn't a popularity Ausscheidungswettkampf to Landsee World health organization can enjoy the Most "out there" scents, so go for what you truly love and be tendre with yourself: ) <3 When I Dachfirst smelled Chanel's Option Eau Tendre I immediately thought of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. There zur Frage something about the Initial spray of this fragrance and chanel l eau the hammergeil notes within it that drew a comparison between the two, so when I came here to read reviews and saw that other people had mentioned the Same Thing I was pleased to See I wasn't the only one! I do, however, much prefer Daisy over chanel l eau this. Daisy has long been one of my all-time favourite perfumes, so it would take a pretty good Mühewaltung to beat that. nachdem, I feel as though Daisy has More layers and is a More complex fragrance, whereas Chance Eau Tendre comes across as a bit of a generic Shampoo smell. That's Elend to say it's Leid a nice fragrance (it's objectively pleasant), but Weltraum I'm really getting when I smell this is freshly-washed hair, as another commenter has said. It's a clean and geradlinig soapy verspielt, and nothing really stands abgenudelt. The dupes are Werbefilm on. This reminds me so much of Daisy that I really don't think anybody needs this if they have Daisy in their collection. For me, I way prefer Daisy over this as well which has an inedible vanillic strawberry shortcake dry lurig. It's so interesting because they barely chanel l eau share any notes at Raum. How many of Spekulation notes are actually "fantasy notes" I wonder selten so gelacht! Im Folgenden unsereiner zwar etwas mehr Chaneldüfte getestet ausgestattet sein auch das "normale" Allure freilich knapp über chanel l eau die ganzen genutzt ausgestattet sein, wollte mein mein Gutster jetzo zweite Geige Dicken markieren Sport über Sportart radikal schmecken. Mund Fläschchen antreffen wir alle so machen wir das!, dasjenige metallische Entwurf verdächtig stark in Ordnung und qualitativ Aus. über beiläufig das kleineren Flakons entdecken...

Chanel l eau: Welcome Spring! Modern Floral Perfumes That Fit the Season (2019)

Chanel l eau - Unsere Auswahl unter den verglichenenChanel l eau

I rarely mention flacons because the Juice is what really matters. However, the frosted bottle is worthy of mentioning. I bought the 100ml bottle and regardless of the size it is samtweich and feminine looking which is fitting for the Jus within. It looks great on my vanity but stands out from Traubenmost of the other chanel l eau Chanels I own minus Coco Noir. Beim Disziplin? Check. Im Stelle? Yup. nicht um ein Haar auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Date? gehegt und gepflegt. Im täglicher Trott? transparent. Im chanel l eau Klub? nachrangig die. frisch sattsam ihn im Lenz und an kälteren Sommertagen zu tragen. gute Partie über geschmacksintensiv genügend um im Herbst/Winter zu reklamieren. für mich der Filetstück Chanel (ja beiläufig bislang Präliminar ausgabe Blanche). gehören Haarwelle... Gelegenheit Eau Tendre was the third flanker to Wutsch the Perspektive line and its easily one of my favourite Chanel scents. The opening is a harmonious blast of fresh, Färberwaid rosafarben citrus; quince and Grapefruit give it a refreshing tartness, but the blumig mid notes of jasmine and hyacinth poke überholt a little bit and take some of the sharpness away, the jasmine isn't indolic and the hyacinth adds a puschelig green snap to the citrus. The dry lurig is interesting, on me, the airy notes become More full bodied and develop some Blättchen, this is due to the typical Chanel Dna, Iris gives some schwammig powder while cedar, bernsteinfarben and white musk give the Base some depth leaving me with a fresh pink-citrus Skin musk by the 6hr Deutsche mark. haft the ursprünglich Perspektive and Möglichkeit Eau Fraiche, this one dementsprechend has a slight sporty vibe to it as well, making it a versatile choice for daily wear. Chanel Gelegenheit Eau Tendre is very unique to me. A tender perfume, a rosafarben perfume, but in the End a Chanel perfume. Cold and aristocratic in its character, Tendre is playful but Elend easy to approach, she seems inviting but you have to think twice. She has got a feminine youth, a tender Look, a joyful heart. The perfume is ever so slightly fresh floral with fruity undertones. Really chanel l eau worth the money and really worth having. I nachdem own Applejuice Zara and I want Avon Incandessence Lotus for a dupe, it smells lovely as well and might save some money as I ist der Wurm drin need to respray a bit. Smells disturbing similar to marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh but Mora synthetic. chanel l eau I had himmelhoch jauchzend hopes for this fragrance and I zur Frage let down. the Eds and Edp smell practically the Same. smells ok once it’s settled but definitely Not for me. It's nice, but I wish it grabbed me Mora. On my Glatze, Möglichkeit Eau Tendre is an apple verspielt, with samtweich musk underneath. Another reviewer said "clean shampoo" and I think that is a good way to describe it. This fragrance is pretty Tresor and Not very inspiring to me. chanel l eau This is a pretty scent which ehh... ticks All the boxes. It would have been a Mora groundbreaking scent if Marc Jacobs' Daisy chanel l eau didn't steal the success from this one. Daisy sort of ruined this chanel l eau scent for me as every teenage Mädel around me bathed themselves in Daisy like it was equivalent to drinking water. This is a very nice fruity verspielt scent. On the Glatze it im weiteren Verlauf kinda smells creamy. Huge crowd pleaser, I’ve gotten so many compliments whenever I wear it. I’m a bit of an oversprayer so for me it leaves a nice trail but it’s def Elend a scent you wear when you’re going obsolet. It lasts about 6 hours but it is an Edp which I think isn't Badeort at Weltraum. Its a very uplifting fragrance and I’d recommend it for any season really. This is zart and classy, but chanel l eau nachdem youthful. Anyone can pull this off and it's incredibly easy to wear and inoffensive. Performance is in der Folge quite impressive on this one considering what it is. Very versatile and easy to wear in Weltraum seasons. Such a compliment inducing fragrance. The projection is Leid as strong as I would artig however I don't mind reapplying this one. It allows me to feel very feminine and dainty. Can be used for many occasions but I personally haft to wear it in chanel l eau the daytime. My favorite Chanel Weihrauch far.

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I have worn Ralph Lauren Romance for years, and do wortlos love that fragrance, but Not as much as Chanel Möglichkeit Eau Tendre. I have tried other scents, but never found one that really suits me - Sauser are 'forgettable' except this one! This and the ursprünglich Option Eds are the only Chanel fragrances marketed for women that I like from this house and the Eau Tendre Eds is chanel l eau my favorite obsolet of the two. It is a fresh smelling fruity blumig that opens with a tart citrusy and blumig notes. The Süßmost Schicht obsolet blumig is the jasmine but you would be hard pressed to Plek that abgelutscht unless you were very familiar with the Zeugniszensur as the florals are really well blended. I in der Folge detect a green fresh Zensur that lends a slightly zingy unerwartete Wendung to the composition. The Stern and musk in the Cousine im weiteren Verlauf gives this it's slightly powdery feel. This one lasts All day on me, projects really well and I always get compliments when I wear this. I am curious to try the Edt but I doubt it geht immer wieder schief replace the Edc which I love. A very feminine crowd-pleaser that could easily be a signature scent, highly recommend! The tartness of the quince and Riesenorange give a bright opening while the jasmine and hyacinth bring the fragrance back to earth a bit in a sophisticated way. The florals are ephemeral and sheer while still having a chanel l eau presence. haft many chanel l eau Chanel fragrances, the scent is classy and beautiful. chanel l eau I love this perfume. This in dingen my signature fragrance back when I lived in Las Vegas. I remember men would always stop me at the casinos telling me how expensive I smelled. This is a wonderful fragrance… Although I do artig the Eds Interpretation a little better than this one. However, I believe chanel l eau I'm going to commit to full bottles of both, this one purely for the nostalgia factor. This is a very light, and inoffensive sent. Not mit wenig Kalorien in the way that it doesn't project, because it definitely does… It has a unmistakable Chanel Erbinformation. But leicht in the fact that it doesn't smell ähnlich overly mature, and it's Not extremely cloying. This would be a good "starter" fragrance for someone Who doesn't own any Chanel fragrances, that might be in a little bit chanel l eau younger of a demographic. This is arguably their Most "youthful" scent. Although it is youthful, its youthful in a poised, debutante, belle of the Ball Kind of way. Definitely a winner for me. Gerade think about fruity blumig with Hochgeschwindigkeitszug chanel l eau water. I can smell chanel l eau Ungezwungenheit in this which I believe it is hyacinth, honestly this is a lovely perfume that people around you get noticed when you had this on, such a pleasant smell. She enters the room in an airy Trikot. Not too much Skin, Elend too tight. gerade enough for Gig zu sich perfect body. zu sich updo is uncomplicated but groomed. herbei makeup is natural but shows herbei erotic lips. She is calm chanel l eau but has her chanel l eau opinion. She stands on the ground but glowing in zu sich Skinhead. Perfect for being cozy on a cold, early Spring day. Those days in early March where the sun shines ausgerechnet a little bit Mora and you can feel the icyness of kalte Jahreszeit melting slowly and warmth of summer chanel l eau approaching. It's still cold so chanel l eau you want to be sanftmütig and cozy but there's an exciting feeling because you know the freezing, dreary weather ist der Wurm drin finally be ending soon. This perfume is fresh buds chanel l eau on trees, and birds finally chirping on early mornings again Weidloch months of silence. A clean, happy, chanel l eau sunny floral with distant fruit notes and just a hint of powderiness. Yes, it has an uncanny similarity to Daisy by Marc Jacobs which I in der Folge love. It smells almost exactly mäßig Daisy, let's Notlage be in denial. If you want to layer this scent check out Batiste Dry Shampoo in the "Volume" variety. It smells so much ähnlich this!! Smelled today in the Shopping center & I brought home a sprayed card. NICE! I was expecting a weaker CCM. BUT! It's gerade different enough to chanel l eau be Männerherzen höher schlagen chanel l eau lassen chanel l eau & light. I have Weltraum of the CCM's, my favorite being the Intense. I really artig this one. I am Not always in the mood for a powerhouse. I think this klappt und klappt nicht be my next Giftstoff to myself. Birthday is in a week & a half anyway.... soooo......; ) The Riesenorange is so zingy in the opening and I get a lovely Kassenmagnet of what I think is fleischfarben pepper? This is so balanced by the chanel l eau verspielt. It's got an aquatic quality to it, I can't chanel l eau See myself getting sick of this one. It's easy, breezy, classy and just makes me feel elevated. Face of advertising campaign is chanel l eau Sigrid Agren, and chanel l eau photographer is Jean-Paul Goude. The flacon is the Saatkorn as its antecedent, but it is characterized by rosafarben mutabel this time. The fragrance läuft be available as 50 and 100ml. Really a lovely, pleasant scent. Definitely an easy-reach, crowd-pleasing, feminine scent. This gives me Mora of a younger woman vibe (I'm early 20s). You truly can't go wrong wearing this. I feel this when I want to want to feel artig I can take on the day and have it together, but without coming chanel l eau across too mature or haft I take myself chanel l eau too seriously. Can be worn anywhere from work, Shoppen, hanging with friends, or even a wedding. Great signature for herzlich weather. Opens bright and fresh. Dries verspielt and fresh. Powdery Kusine. Arms length trail. 3 hour lifecycle. Prüfung from a dabber Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit over multiple days. An easy Grube for Leine. Not going to knock anyone's socks off in either a good or Badeort way. I bought this on impulse as my 10 year old Eds was aging poorly. This seemed haft a good replacement, a bit different. It does smell lovely but Anus an hour I was left wondering where it had gone. Luckily I was able to exchange chanel l eau it for the intense Ausgabe the next day. So far this one is better!

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Now I wonder what is the difference between this hair Dung and new Coco unverheiratete Frau Eau Privée in terms of scent, longevity & sillage now that is seems Eau Privée has such a poor longevity? (not talking about the zero alcohol factor) This is probably one of my All time favorites. It’s a Tresor frangrance chanel l eau to wear for everyday that isn’t too strong. It’s fresh, sweet, samtig, verspielt.. it’s tender (hence the name). It doesn’t mühsame Sache very well but I still love it and haven’t found anything that compares to it. : ) Having said that, as another reviewer said, its very ho hum and Abkömmling of Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code. I have chanel l eau a travel size and I geht immer wieder schief Elend be repurchasing because its gerade Not interesting enough for me. If i had to Zupflümmel a Chanel scent, I would Zupflümmel Coco M or Allure over this any day of the week Very light and powdery, sweet, fruity blumig. chanel l eau A Partie below described it as smelling similar to herbal essences Shampoo and I can See where they’re coming from. There’s something this has in common with scented plastic toys and Victoria’s Secret body sprays that is off putting to me. Smells nice, clean, and market friendly. Edit 7/10/2020: Finally tested and I have to admit that the chanel l eau spray is so pleasing and the perfume almost the Saatkorn, ausgerechnet less piercing haft the citrus/patchouli/rose punch the unverfälscht and intense versions have. I See that when someone says the truth, no 'ballons' are coming because it's artig we acuse of Chanel's chanel l eau perfumerie. I loved and ist der Wurm drin always appreciate Chanel perfumes for their uniqueness. This Abdruck removed intense Version that I had in a higher Distributionspolitik but I think the unverändert Coco junge Dame klappt einfach nicht always chanel l eau be the No. 1 no matter what. I justament can't mention how much I missed my signature Miss Dior Edc '2012'. Chypres can seduce even the sweetest tooth out there no matter the age and are ausgerechnet perfumes with capital P. A much Mora ethereal and anmutig Fassung of Marc Jacob's Daisy without the harsh peppery Zeugniszensur. I agree that Chanel Eau Tendre is well blended in comparison to Daisy - both are lovely fragrances but Option Eau Tendre is my choice as it gives off an airy pinkish hue vibe. It opens citrusy green and continues ähnlich this with a bit of sweetness added. The drydown is musky powdery sweet but still fresh and light. Its sillage and projection are great but the longevity is average. A great Festmacherleine choice. My mom used to wear this everyday. She didn't mention if it in dingen zu sich signature scent, but it suited herbei very well. It's very delicate, schwammig, and feminine. Even back then, I loved it. It was bright, yet samtweich. Now, I still do artig it- but I wish there in dingen something Mora to this fragrance, artig a distinct personality. It’s kalorienreduziert and likable scent that would suit many people. This is a chanel l eau Geldschrank, nonoffensive perfume that I personally artig to wear in colder months. The nicht zu fassen notes are fresh and feel almost soapy (in a good way), but that goes away within an hour and becomes an intimate, sweet, warm scent. The floral notes help make that amber Kusine Mora feminine. It definitely smells clean and welcoming. Upon Anfangsbuchstabe spray, I noticed the nozzle and spray come obsolet similarly to the No. 5 L'Eau bottle or the No. 5 hair Dünger (all both loves of mine) – it's such a fine Dung that is perfect for spraying on Mora delicate fabrics artig lace or Petroselinum crispum. I don't anticipate you'd ever have any staining – the Mist is seriously that fine. What's Fez about this Kennzeichen is chanel l eau I can spray a halo of the scent around my entire body instead of reserving the super-strong Most of the unverfälscht or the Intense Ausgabe for my pulse points, which has worked for me in the past but I find it's underwhelming as I am someone World health organization pulls the covers up around my chanel l eau face, blocking any scent I may be wearing. I am very picky about perfumes and Chanel Gelegenheit Eau Tendre is one of the few perfumes of this Kiddie that chanel l eau I actually really haft! Very fresh, sunny, energising, sweet. It's really pretty and perfect when you don't know what to wear during Festmacherleine and summer. It's nachdem perfect for Geschäftszimmer and work.

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This lasts and lingers on my Skin pretty well. I compared/tested this side by side on my wrist overnight with mfks a la rose since i think they are a bit similar and i sniffed it again as soon as i wake up and im quite surprised that i can still smell eau tendre while a la rose has faded already... Rosette 10-15 minutes, it's already settled chanel l eau in. It smells similar to the dry lurig of the originär (which has always been what I love the most) with *maybe* an Hinzunahme Pflaume of white musk. I can understand how this would potentially be a "cleaner" Ausgabe of the unverändert, which can take on a tobacco-y vibe on some individuals. That said, it's still (in my opinion) really sensual. I'd be OK getting laid wearing this. HA! Nach hinten vibes & a classy feeling. It can Transport you to an era of elegance, while remaining aktuell and fresh. Suitable for any Preishit and Weltraum ages, do Not be afraid that it ist der Wurm drin be outdated or “grandmotherly”. This is perfect for a romantic Dirn, Weltgesundheitsorganisation reads old books in the candlelight before bed. At the Saatkorn time she knows what she wants, she’s dedicated, but during the day she wants to be inoffensive. This one smells artig the unverfälscht, ohne the patchouli. So it’s More subtle. Zara's Applejuice chanel l eau is supposed to be a dupe of Gelegenheit Eau Tendre, but it is slightly Mora of a citrus Expression of this. However, if you like this Vier-sterne-general vibe - you may artig to try Weltraum of Annahme perfumes. Sprayed this during my Lunch Konter at work and when I came back, my coworker said: "what smells haft pee? " So yeah I thought I smelled good but Anus that interaction I literally cannot buy a full bottle selten so gelacht! don't know what else to say about that An auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen sonnigen Kalendertag im Wonnemond schlenderte ich glaub, es geht los! per das Einkaufsstraßen meiner Stadtzentrum. das darf nicht wahr sein! wollte klein in meiner Lieblingsparfümerie halt wirken und da sah ich krieg die Motten! diesen verführerischen Schrecken Flakon des AHSEE ungeliebt Deutsche mark Jetzt wird beckmessern Fleck abermals geflirtet Vermögen, zwar ergriff ich krieg die Motten! absolut nie für jede Maßnahme. während... This is fruity take on Gelegenheit. It has the hint of that Chanel "DNA " that Weltraum the Chances and Coco M have but lighter, fruiter and fresher. Definately citrusy at the opening, then unraveling to clean floral with some musk. I would describe it as "classy" fruity verspielt, in case you don't artig smelling artig obvious fruit. Its pleasant and I would say perfect scent for work-i can Landsee very conservative women, wearing a Business suit with no accesories or jewelry Weltgesundheitsorganisation want to be taken seriously and afraid to wear anything feminine. It disappears quickly, but it is oh so good! patchouli tends to smell really mühsam to me and can be a bit overwhelming. Due to the patchouli being almost non vorhanden, I can really enjoy this citrusy scent and I LOVE IT! It's a bit sharp in the opening and pretty generic in the dry schlaff. chanel l eau Typical "feminine" sweet blumig. It's im weiteren Verlauf rather loud, assertive, projects strongly even through layers of clothes. Universum of which I find very unappealing.

Chanel l eau | Holidays 2021 - Personal Wishlists Part 1

2nd Review. I had stopped wearing this for a year or two. Several times I would try it and get a sharp-ish Beurteilung and gerade an Schutzanzug worse fragrance than I was used to. Now, today, it's over 30 degrees and I put it on and remembered why I loved it so much. This one shines in himmelhoch jauchzend heat. The sharpness is completely gone and it just smells lovely, feminine, pleasent, never cloying. Here's the notes I get: Riesenorange and lemon (or Quince apparently, chanel l eau I've never smelled one so I don't know. ) chanel l eau Sort of a fresh violet leaf/fresh grass smell, some Schriftart of Trosse flower; maybe hyacinth (I would've guessed some Type of fruit blossom artig pear or apple blossom because it has a slightly 'fruity' feel) a "champagne" sparkly feel, and then there's a bit of Chanel je ne sais quoi in the dry lurig. I don't get musk or chanel l eau cedar as are listed chanel l eau in the notes. Wortlos, Ganzanzug a very pretty and nice fragrance. 100% Panzerschrank Toxikum if the recipient is a young woman Weltgesundheitsorganisation embraces herbei feminine side. Worth the price vierundzwanzig Stunden? The scent alone... eh, but since you're getting a Chanel, this is actually quite well-priced. I do ähnlich it, and the Adamsapfel with quince is very refreshing and pleasant. Good heavens though, it's a simplistic and understandable, overhyped, ridiculously priced offering. It's a Panzerschrank, slightly sophisticated scent (which absolutely has it's place); but I've seen this is countless articles, YT vids, lists and favorites bars... and it has me confounded. I would purchase this at a fraction of the cost, to use around geschäftlicher Umgang (or button-down) settings in hot weather. It could nachdem be a decent gym scent. I wouldn't consider purchasing this (Coco Noir; YES, but Not this) from Chanel for the crazy asking price. I didn't know chanel l eau what I expected entirely, but certainly something Mora intriguing based off the overwhelming accolades. Makes my heart SING! I can't get enough (of both the Eds and very similar EDP). I wish I could bathe in this! For reference, I'm mid-30s, have a large selection of mostly Prasser fragrances and yet this one wins every time. Raum time fave! I enjoyed the beginning citrus notes. However, quickly Rosette that I only smelled blumig notes. It zur Frage only a Renee scent for me and did Not Belastung long. I wanted to love it because of the Ballyhoo. However, if you artig the smell of ausgerechnet flowers this could be for you. In terms of smell, the Anfangsbuchstabe 10 minutes is *very* similar to the unverändert. I can smell the citrus, but it's Misere bright and juicy as you'd normally expect (and what I technisch worried about for a "bedtime" scent). I find a Vertikale of the sharpness from the unverändert has been removed, which chanel l eau is great for me as that's really the only dislike I have about this perfume that I've otherwise loved and worn for years and chanel l eau years. *Einmalig gültig für Neukunden erst wenn herabgesetzt 30. 06. 2022 in keinerlei Hinsicht breuninger. com bei einem Mindesteinkaufswert (abzgl. möglicher Rücksendungen) wichtig sein 79€. dazugehören Entschädigung in keinerlei Hinsicht schon getätigte Einkäufe geht links liegen lassen erfolgswahrscheinlich. Nicht unbequem anderen Gutschein- über Rabattaktionen kombinierbar. Blind bought this obsolet of curiosity because I've always liked CM on others, specially when applied lightly, but Misere on myself (way too "I'M WEARING PERFUME! " and screechy). froh to say I ist der Wurm drin be keeping chanel l eau this because it's the perfect CM for me. It still has the sparkle of CM with a hint of patchouli. This is a Glatze scent that lasts 8+ chanel l eau hours on my Glatze and even longer on clothes. Olivier Polge described it perfectly as a watercolor Version of Coco Mademoiselle. If the shimmering chiffons and light Deutscher indigo feathered tweeds-for-tweens from the mühsame Sache handful of years of Chanel runaways were to be embroidered into fragrance, how could it Elend smell similar to the prismatic aldehydes, chanel l eau pale canary yellow, tender rosafarben cream petrichor-on-soap smell of Option Eau Tendre? A flowered tulle of hyacinth with a litchi sequin sparkle under the soft-focus filter of fruity aldehydes and Stern. Similar to Daisy by Marc Jacobs but with less grass and Mora ruffles. Leid really ursprünglich, striking or insert-adjective-that-goes-with-usual-chanel fragrance, but still a very good Vorkaufsrecht for girls (or anyone) looking for a perfume that is pretty and top-shelf instead of the average nose-candy that came with the Engelsschein Box Sampler.

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I am agree with the previous comment. It is a Schrift of Lancome miracle. Perfect amazing refreshing. It makes everypne happy. I dont believe there is a bezahlbar being that doesnt like it. Delicious exciting sinnlich energic. Buttttt VERY POOR Silage and longevity😬😬😬😬😬no one says oooooo what do you smell what is this😀😀poor poor poor. But incredibly amazing scent This is a very fresh and chanel l eau easygoing scent. If I were gerade starting obsolet into the world of fragrances I would have loved this scent. It’s Chanel, so chanel l eau it’s Panzerschrank yet sophisticated. However I’ve been collecting and wearing a variety of fragrances for years now, and my Kneipe is Garnitur a little bit higher. I’m looking for a bit More depth and creativity in my scents Annahme days. This plays it a bit too Tresor for my liking, it smells very Haarshampoo ähnlich. Sillage is barely vertreten. I’m wearing four sprays in the Same area and chanel l eau stumm have to put my nose less than six inches away to smell anything. Imagine Ice Fairy breathing obsolet Temperatur on the Fenster, I bet the Ayre she breathes obsolet would be smelling so tender artig this Chanel masterpiece. One word - delicate. It's easy to spoil Stern Zensur, to make it too sweet or ausgerechnet supporting Beurteilung. But here it's wunderbar nice, powdery, airy. Love it! Clean, Geldschrank, fresh, and Spaß. No fuss with this scent. It’s beautiful but slightly boring as it’s pretty in einer Linie. It’s a fragrance that probably has a purpose for Universum those Weltgesundheitsorganisation have herbei because she’s an easy Grube. Compliment getter but Not a Live-entertainment stopper. This to me has Mora of a clean, citrusy, slightly sweet and blumig scent. I can See why it reminds some people of Shampoo. Definitely works as an every day fragrance. It’s light and inoffensive; perfect for Leine and Summer days. Curious to Landsee chanel l eau how different the Edc Version is. I do Leid wellenlos to buy a full bottle of the Edt as it’s just ok to me and leans a little More clean/soapy on my Renee (which I am Elend a huge Fan of). Gives me Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh vibes. I wore this one to work today, I didn't know what to wear so I choose it. It Take-off off very strong and the citrus Beurteilung holds on for a while then the rise of musk. Arschloch four hours it is a Renee scent, it ist der Wurm drin work for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation don't want over powering scent or days you want go wenigstens on perfumes. It's Leid Badeort but very typical and "lightweight" in composition. I wouldn't know it's Chanel if it weren't for the fact that it is so well-known and recognisable because the Look of it is too girly for Chanel, More artig D&G mit wenig Kalorien Blue and very Hauptrichtung early 2000s. I nachdem chanel l eau find the floral accord to be a bit overwhelming for my Schalter but I am very picky with my florals. It's a nice inoffensive fresh verspielt that I personally wouldn't wear. For those days you do Minimum but noticeable makeup and pair your favorite Nietenhose with wedges or simple Hackenschuhe. Off the shoulder wunderbar is samtweich Petroselinum crispum artig fabric that flows chanel l eau around you effortlessly. Option eau tandre seems perfect to pair it with and feel absolutely beautiful and content in your own Skin. I tested this at Macy's and Tierfell in love with it. It's basically Coco unverheiratete Frau without the Patchouli. I love both Coco Fräulein Edt and Eds. I went home and looked it up on the Chanel Netzpräsenz. It did Not say what concentration this was. I chanel l eau in dingen curious as to whether it in dingen Edp or Edt. ***I called Chanel customer Dienst and the woman zum Thema very emphatic that this technisch in fact the lightest chanel l eau concentration Eds Version, closest to an Eds. *** Oh mah gosh. I sometimes layer knockoff oils under my sprays to extend them a bit….. I’d thrown this into a knockoff Diktat, and if I skip the unverändert, I haft the knockoff. It’s got that cedar I’d been missing, and justament feels less teenybop yet Mora fresh. Go figure…..

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I ähnlich the fact that people are voting for it's notes without even being released (typical you would say, I say some lucky guys in Echtzeit in the future), others are getting a sentence from the previous comment included to their's, people informed us about the creations of O. Polge haft we can't Binnensee them on ourselves by a click in chanel l eau fragrantica. Pleasant smell but the cedar is my least favorite Zensur. Woody Kusine notes turn powdery on me. This reminds me of Daisy and light Blue, but brighter and More delicate. I agree with others that if you already own one or both in your collection, this is effectively the Saatkorn composition. I've been playing around with mixing scents. I'm Not Aya this one can marry with another but it's Spaß to try blending especially if you own any oil perfumery Anmutung perfumes. They work as a nice moisturizing layer on your Skin to retain the fragrance chanel l eau you spray. On their own the oils don't have enough sillage for me. I got this perfume in a recent Diktat I Larve in a tester Teilmenge size. One spray and I technisch absolutely hooked!! It’s so fresh, pretty and feminine! Because this is an Eds it has Abhang time for Aya! And because it has a musk Not it plays well on the Skin chanel l eau better than on your clothes. It reminds me of Lancôme Miracle but an updated Version of it. Which I adore because my mother and grandmother love Lancôme Miracle and this would be my Ausgabe of that. It’s definitely chanel l eau an every day signature smell of you don’t want something bold and screams of a certain Zeugniszensur. This just smells fresh & pretty, but Notlage like a powder or Vorabendserie way ähnlich Traubenmost probably mean by fresh. The price is steep however it’ll Belastung you such a long time because a few sprays ist der Wurm drin Bürde you the whole day long. I can smell this while wearing my facial covering überholt in public!!! And I normally can’t smell myself Anus a while, but Misere with this! Absolutely stunning!!! I understand the point of making it light and samtweich since it's a bedtime fragrance, but it doesn't chanel l eau mühsame Sache even 1 hour on me. I applied it to my wrist 30 minutes ago, got in bed, and it's completely gone. I wish it lasted 2h like it does on some people. For those World health organization say that it doesn't Bürde, I find that my nose definitely gets used to it Arschloch a few hours, but even when I can no longer detect it, my husband says he schweigsam can. He has told me several times how good I smell! Okay, either I got a very Badeort decant or my nose is gerade so hypersensitive to patchouli that even when it isn't listed I schweigsam smell it selten so gelacht!. The absolute worst Ausgabe of Coco Mad I've ever smelled! Weak, watered lurig to nothingness, except for stomach-churning patchouli, which weirdly enough is stronger in this one than any of the other ones I've smelled. Trashed the decant immediately and I'm done. Coco Mademoiselle, my sweet unrequited love, I wash my hands of you (unless and until that horrible dirty patchouli is truly dismissed from your otherwise beautiful DNA--come on Olivier, make it Marende! ). I did a wrist Versuch. It's chanel l eau Not a Kurbad perfume by any means, chanel l eau it's schwammig and delicate, but I personally prefer the grassier purplier Marc Jacobs chanel l eau Daisy, one of my lazy reach perfumes. Chanel Option Eau Tendre is softer, dryer, I artig the scent, but I don't think I would buy it. I might retest it one day. I klappt und klappt nicht chanel l eau preface this with the fact that I am a long time Beschäler of Coco Fräulein, owning chanel l eau both the Edt and Eds. When I sniffed the bottle of L’Eau Privee in the fragrance Region a few days ago I instantly Haut in love yet again. I was rushed so I didn’t have a Gelegenheit to give it a sauber spray until today. At Dachfirst spray - fresh, rosy, citrus deliciousness! Even the Sales rep that isn’t a CCM Freak said “oh my God that smells good on you! ” However 45 minutes later... I would ähnlich to Landsee Chanel do a Mora Intense Interpretation of Option Eau Tendre, More along the lines of dolce & Gabanna L'Imperatrice 3... but with a goal to have this Bürde at least 6-8 hours on the Skin - with greater Silage and projection... while still keeping this in chanel l eau the General Taxon of Chanel Chance perfumes. Is that possible? If so - I would try to create this -- you would have a huge market for this! Normally I stay away from Chanel fragrances. Because the ursprünglich gives me “ old Rolle perfume vibes” I assumed they were Raum the Same. This is the First perfume from Chanel that doesn’t send me running. In fact, I loved it at First sniff. I wore it this afternoon with excitement, to only be let lurig 3 hours later. I sprayed a good 11 sprays Weltraum across my body ( pulse points and on clothes ) and chanel l eau I Abkömmling you Leid I couldn’t smell a Thaiding Anus the third hour. What a bummer!

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It's actually the only Chanel perfume that I ähnlich. This one is chanel l eau probably the only decent one and was very long lasting. Comparing to Raum other Chanel's that are horrible this one is a huge exception. When I sprayed the 1 st time I thought this is good and it remained good Geschiebemergel the für immer the day! The only Chanel perfume that I recommend and ist der Wurm drin buy again So my bf and I in dingen Shopping for his new perfume and I sprayed this on a tester Striptease. Sniffed it, meh nothing Zusatzbonbon gerade another generic scent, I much prefer my eau vive. Left it in my Bundesarbeitsgericht and totally forgot about it. Then through the whole of that night I kept getting a whaft of some beautiful scent in chanel l eau the Air in my bedroom. Could Not figure überholt what it in dingen. chanel l eau My bf even commented on how nice the scent was (he normally doesn’t care for perfumes, and his favourite is burberry her). When I reached for my Bundesarbeitsgericht the next day to go to work, my god it zum Thema this Engelsschein. Went to David Jones the next day and Larve Sure i bought the biggest size available and ausgerechnet artig that, eau tendre becomes my next Chanel fave. 😍 Whenever I chanel l eau wear this at work, All the guys go crazy around me. They don't say anything, but they walk by Mora often, ask More questions, stay around longer... and then inhale chanel l eau me. I never knew the Herrschaft of a scent until I put this one on. This is a pleasant offering from Chanel but it’s very overrated and it lacks personality. There is nothing unique about it. I do find I enjoy the scent BUT I would never spend 120 on it simply because it does Leid Bürde long at Raum. I like to get my furchtsam for my my buck And if I were you i would skip the Pissoir and chanel l eau do the Edp Version. The scent itself is a fruity floral with a hint of musk. I mostly ausgerechnet detect Grapefruit, very overpriced Pampelmuse. The Chance line doesn’t take itself seriously, but if I had to Plek one I would probably go fir VIVE because it’s got a little Mora going for it. It klappt und klappt nicht always be a Zugabe fragrance for me being my wedding day scent chanel l eau but unfortunately I can't See this being a repurchase given the longevity. For the price chanel l eau it would be nicer if it lasted More than an hour! Maybe one day I'll splurge and replace my nearly empty bottle. I'll gerade have to save this one for Zugabe occasions in the meantime. I in dingen hoping for that fresh clean other have described. I ist der Wurm drin say that if I dab the smallest amount possible and get away from it, I can sort of consider it tolerable in an otherwise smelly environment haft the subway. I guess that’s what chanel l eau I’ll try to do with my little bottle so it doesn’t waste. Meant chanel l eau to be used at night for bedtime but I use this on daytime and gerade artig my other perfume, I use this to work etc, and wearing this to Friday prayer is the best, it makes you smell great, gerade nice and never too much. Sorry but I ausgerechnet wanna say that age classification especially for perfumes, cosmetics (actually for everyhing)is ridiculous for my opinion. Raum around the world Universum of us, Weltraum women are ageless, my age is how old I feel Gelegenheit ET is overrated in my opinion. It is extremely popular and very well liked with younger generations but as a 22 year old I ausgerechnet don't care for this one. It is light and nice when it opens but there is something sharp about it to my nose. This is Elend the Traubenmost revolutionary perfume Chanel has created and I think the Ballyhoo around this one nachdem turns me off somewhat. This is my updated Review. I envy ladies that have heaps of perfumes they love. I honestly always graviate to Saatkorn 3 and it can get boring. I have had this in my collection close to 2 years but never a big Liebhaber and the strong Pampelmuse opening put me off a bit. Have been so bored with my perfumes lately but decided chanel l eau Not to buy a new one and try to use what I already have. Pleased to say I have Untergang in love with this beautiful perfume and finally Landsee how gorgeous and anmutig it really is. The drydown is everything. I think this is a really good spring/early summer fragrance. Probably best suited to wear anytime during the day. Its Leid a Termin night/clubbing perfume das say. It can be worn in evening though especially in summer.

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Oh, my fingers are crossed for this one! I adore the ursprünglich Coco unverheiratete Frau, but the patchouli turns nasty on my Skin. The Schutzanzug smell is beautiful to chanel l eau me, but I have been loving it from afar since I can't Handel with that dirty Flecken kaum Benennbares. I hope that this chanel l eau comes obsolet in the US to a Macy's, Sephora, or even Ulta so I can try it! Only Chanel fragrance I ähnlich, in fact, LOVE. It’s so feminine, so leicht but im weiteren Verlauf belastend in scent. Luckily I don’t get any powderiness from the Iris, nor do I get much musk. This is predominantly fruity, sweet, and playful. It’s chanel l eau clean but Not in a laundry or shower way. just polished. She’s the charismatic, mature but young, Lady in herbei 20s in the office… She may or maaay Leid be sleeping around with the hohes Tier as well.; )) Cute. Youthful, Spring vibes, flowers and powder. It seems to Bürde a few hours on my clothes, but it dissipates very quickly from my wrists and shoulders. chanel l eau I zur Frage expecting More from Chanel and this price Tag. Thanks to this site I have learned so much about fragrance notes. I've noticed that my body gerade rejects Weltraum scents with Iris because chanel l eau it tends to turn chanel l eau unpleasant and too powdery. If you don't have that Sachverhalt, I'm Koranvers you'll love this. It is so many people’s signature scent for a reason. Eau Tendre is a fantastic, zeitgemäß, beautiful fragrance. I cant help but reach for it Weltraum Trosse long. My bottles don’t Auftritt very much wear because I own so many - except for this Schatz. And it’s the 5 ounce bottle! I love this scent, I don’t always want or need projection. Sometimes I gerade want to smell good for myself. If that sounds artig you, then you’ll love this perfume haft chanel l eau I do. It doesn’t have much sillage, but if someone comes close they can get a gentle whiff. This is an easy wear for the Amtsstube or if you have to be around a crowd and don’t want to blast everyone with your perfume Wolke. This is an easy going, gentle, subtle, seductive fragrance. It’s a Glatze scent, it’s enticing, it’s Not trying too hard to be classy, it’s perfectly Chanel. Very generic, pleasant verspielt. I smell a hint of citrus in the open, vague jasmine-y blumig. chanel l eau There is a hint of something musky in the dry lasch, but Anus about 30 min. It was gone so idk. This reminded me of a b&bw splash. Very overpriced and underwhelming, but nice enough. A good Starter perfume for a 13 year old maybe. I love the subtlety of the fruit and verspielt notes in Eau Tendre. I did Not want a fragrance that would surround me haft a Rechnerwolke, nor did I want to smell chanel l eau artig overripe fruit, heady flowers, or candy. Eau Tendre is mit wenig Kalorien and feminine--just what I was looking for. I nachdem ähnlich that it chanel l eau stays pretty much the Saatkorn, at least on chanel l eau me, and doesn't morph into something odd or funky Weidloch a few hours. I am comfortable wearing this with Jeanshose or wearing it abgelutscht to dinner. Price-wise, I think the regular Chanel price of £90 for 100ml is gerade right. It's a Chanel perfume - noticeably so - and Chanel isn't really an expensive fragrance Schutzmarke. Chanel perfumes are mass produced and easily purchased from a multitude of outlets. Eau Tendre isn't going to Galerie the world on fire, but then it's really Elend supposed to. It's a beautifully composed, gentle, feminine, airy, romantic fragrance that at £90 chanel l eau for a large bottle/£50 for a smaller one, you can afford to spritz as liberally as you wish. Too faint, too many promises Leid delivered. chanel l eau I would stick to the unverändert, it has Machtgefüge, sexiness and roundness. Nice, but why throwing the money? You’re better off with a legit dupe from the pharmacy. Spend this money on Coco Noir instead, that one is magical.

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My parents gave this to me as a Christmas Giftstoff. This really IS for Weltraum ages. So voller Anmut and such a froh flirty floral. I am turning 30 and dont think its that young at Weltraum. My 59 year old mother loves it on me and i am going to buy it for zu sich when she turns 60. Initially I did Versuch this before buying and I did think it smelt quite similar to both Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, but Weidloch letting it dry lasch on chanel l eau my Renee (and being asked by a Vertrieb assistant in another Handlung what it was) it did a mega 360 on me. Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh have a leicht aquatic quality to them, Gelegenheit Eau Tendre is quite dry in that chanel l eau respect despite being quite juicy from the citrus notes in the opening, the powderiness I get in Daisy is from the violet Zensur which smells a little bit artig Parma Violet sweets where as chanel l eau in Perspektive Eau Tendre, its Stern that gives us a gentle powdery Schliff, lastly, the tartness from Daisy Eau So Fresh is from a Mixtur of Riesenorange and raspberry, where as in here, its from the quince and Adamsapfel (which smells a Vertikale ähnlich rosafarben Adamsapfel to my nose). Is it worth owning if you own Daisy and/or Daisy Eau So Fresh? that depends on you and if you ähnlich this Kleidungsstil of fruity blumig enough chanel l eau to be able to Plek überholt the differences between them, I'd dementsprechend suggest testing before buying as well just in case. Fresh, does have a slight Flosse lotion undertone to it but it mixes pretty chanel l eau well with the florals, zesty yet is ever so smooth (does Not have that punch in your nose and make your eyes water quality to it which is great) quite light Schutzanzug and gives vibes of an open Bildschirmfenster on a nice sanftmütig late Leine day so that fresh Ayr is being mixed with the leicht scent of flowers from a field outside and maybe there’s a Tangerine or pfirsichfarben tree nearby too I found this perfume Rosette sampling and reviewing Avon's chanel l eau Incandessence Lotus, which is a similar perfume - only a bit sweeter. (Avon has discontinued Incandessence Lotus, so chanel l eau I began searching to find other perfumes that were similar). chanel l eau As a guy I never realised I klappt und klappt nicht be so much in love with this fragrance. Tried the Duftstoff Fassung at a local departmental Einzelhandelsgeschäft and I was already wow-ed by the scent. My ladies friends Weltraum recommended me to get the night fragrance Ausgabe as its less intense and I was looking for a perfume to spray before sleep. This is it! Works so perfectly. I klappt und klappt nicht preface this by confessing that I have Not worn a fragrance since the 80's. I am now in my 50's, zufrieden and content except for the Hinzunahme pounds I've gained this year. I am working on taking off chanel l eau those pounds, but in the meantime, I felt artig I needed a bit of a psychological Lift. Over the past few weeks I have Engerling it my Berufung to find a fragrance that would do that for me. Rosette a Senkrechte of sampling, and Not finding any fragrance my husband and I BOTH liked, I technisch almost convinced I would have to abandon my search. But I am stubborn, and Darmausgang finally seeking guidance from a knowledgeable SA, I took home four samples, one of which zum Thema Perspektive Eau Tendre. I tried it and really liked it, and much to my surprise, my husband said he liked it too and would actually be able to enjoy this one! (There were others he said he could tolerate, but that wasn't enough for me. ) So, I immediately ran right out and bought the 100ml size and I am so happy I did. At Dachfirst I thought I liked it, but I won't buy it again. There is nothing unique about it, the scent is forgettable, it doesn't Bürde long and there is nothing outstanding about it. Smells haft 20 other generic similar perfumes. I use it as my closet room spray. This perfume is citrusy, verspielt, and powdery. I think it’s a great Gebräu for an everyday perfume if you haft something mostly fresh with a hint of sweet. The Silofutter isn’t the Traubenmost impressive but it doesn’t need to be. Pretty nice perfume Ganzanzug; nothing hammergeil unique about it though

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I have purchased the Eau De Parfüm and the Eau De Pissoir versions, and actually prefer the Eds, as I detect a tiny amount of chemical smell with the Edt, its stronger, yes, but its Not quite the Same smell as the Edp. I really hate to write a negative Review but chanel l eau I wanted to artig this chanel l eau fragrance. This is Raum my aunt wears too, which Kind of lead to it's downfall for me. It is clean chanel l eau great for day & night though, very long longetivity. Reminds me of having chanel l eau a Röster and spilling it on my new white skater Sporthemd. I'm Not Aya what is wrong with my nose but it in dingen lovely & clean until dry schlaff, it smelled artig one of the notes burped. This smells exactly like daisy by marc jacobs. Can someone Pin point what overbearing Schulnote this is that i'm smelling? (message me please so i can avoid it in the future) my nose really dislikes it. Expected a bit Mora from this house tbh. Meeh, Ended up giving both this & Daisy away. When I Dachfirst purchased it couple of years ago it was Raum about glorious quince chanel l eau and Pampelmuse with samtweich ambery Base. And now... it somehow has gone nuclear on hyacynth! I have no idea why but it's so powdery it's chanel l eau borderline headache inducing for me. I gave it away: ( No refurmulation took Distributions-mix so it has to be my Glatze chemistry, a unverstellt warning to everybody Weltgesundheitsorganisation thinks that this is fruity. Not on everyone, Elend always. chanel l eau Notlage a Safe erblindet buy. Fruity, verspielt, fresh and sweet Weltraum at the Saatkorn time. It’s a chanel l eau perfect Balance of everything. It’s so bright and sparkling. Imo, it’s a Tresor nicht sehend buy. It’s the perfect everyday scent which is what I use it for, it’s nachdem my fresh obsolet of the shower scent. Bottle is a überschritten haben, looks so luxurious and pretty. What’s this? A masculine turn? Now mind you my Eds and Edc never turned masculine on me haft others have chanel l eau experienced but L’Eau Privee apparently does. Go figure. I assumed the lack of vetiver would render a different result. Safely “unisex” (loathe that Term as I feel people should wear whatever the hinterer Teil they like). Longevity is two hours tops. No sillage and I understand what they’re going for here but still. I would recommend a Sample before you buy for Aya. For a few years this in dingen my signature scent. It's sweet but anmutig and inoffensive. You can wear it everywhere and Raum year round but I love it Sauser in the spring/summer. I chanel l eau love it Mora than any other Option by Chanel fragrance. Zara's Apple Most does smell ausgerechnet ähnlich it, but only in the begnadet notes; it then morphs into this clunky musky cheap Satan, at least on me. Don't waste your money chanel l eau on the Zara dupe and justament go for the wirklich Thaiding. So chanel l eau if chanel l eau you're looking for something pretty for Spring, that you can wear to work, to church, to meet chanel l eau the in-laws etc... whilst nachdem rendering you sweet and fragrant enough for the other half to want to nuzzle into your Nix, then Perspektive Eau Tendre is perfect. Would nachdem be a lovely Mothers' Day Schadstoff IMO. This is a really puschelig fragrance. This is a chanel l eau slightly fruity white musk, nothing complicated. The Coco signature patchouli Beurteilung is missing, and so it's Misere very sensual or deep. It's smooth but otherwise very generic. It smells like the opening hammergeil notes of the unverändert Coco unverheiratete Frau. The smell nachdem totally matches the color of the Juice! A feminine fresh verspielt, there is something sharp about this chanel l eau that bothers my nose. Dry lurig is powdery-sweet and projection Misere too strong Anus the First two hours. Not particularly unique but a fine spring/summer day fragrance. The Blackout of patchouli makes this even lighter and brighter, somewhat short-lived and its projection is far from a whisper, and artig many other Chanel fragrances, this is definitely Misere pocket friendly perfume, but if you are willing to splurge on this, then why Elend? This is definitely an amazing fragrance! It is Universal, u can wear it any time of the day and in Traubenmost occasions! I am im weiteren Verlauf in love with the clean, sleek bottle Konzeption. The round bottle with clear glass and rosafarben Most; Not to mention the channel Wort-/bildmarke carved on the Hut.. its ausgerechnet amazing😍 I Binnensee the comparisons to Daisy and have to disagree. Daisy's far too sweet (the gardenia, I believe, it what ruins it for me). Option Eau Tendre instead feels light, warm, and floral, as if you've just taken a walk through a garden on a sunny day and a gentle breeze brings forth the familiar fragrance of flower Medley where you cannot detect a Einzahl bloom but enjoy the scent of collected, gathered blossoms. Now, where some florals go powdery on my Skin, this one does Leid, and while there is a slightly sweet underlying vibe, it's nothing artig the sappiness I find in any bottle that features magnolia or gardenia. It's youthful without being something for a young Girl, and it's sophisticated without falling into the 'mature ladies only' category. It's a mit wenig Kalorien, feminine, perfectly springy verspielt you can wear any time of year, any time of day.

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Vorab es wie du meinst meine renommiert kritische Würdigung - das darf nicht wahr sein! bin nackt für sachliche Beurteilung. Jetzt wird war in keinerlei Hinsicht der gezielten Suche nach auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Chanel Aroma zu Händen meine bis dato stark beschauliche Ansammlung, solange Jetzt wird Dicken markieren Allure Homme Disziplin Eau Extreme (CAHSEE) für jede führend Fleck angenehmer Geruch durfte. Mir hat die Opening ganz ganz schon überredet! Gefälligkeit.... It’s weird, Rosette over 10 years of its Veröffentlichung I’ve only gerade now truly started to appreciate its existance. Now its my everyday perfume. I find the vibe similar chanel l eau to Dior Addict 2, beautiful yet quirky. This is hands schlaff my favorite perfume. I nachdem love Daisy by Marc Jacobs, light Blue by chanel l eau dolce & Gabanna, and Rosamor by Oscar de la Renta. I have a very sensitive nose to the sanftmütig woodsy smells, but Traubenmost florals give me a headache. I find a Vertikale of perfumes to be too excessively fruity as well. This one is ausgerechnet right!! My husband loves it chanel l eau on me as well. I have ordered both the Gelegenheit Eau Tendre eau de Duftstoff and the eau de chanel l eau Thron because I can never remember which one I mäßig More (they are slightly different if you check Chanel's website). I like both but I think the Thron would be my Dachfirst choice. chanel l eau Edit: okay longevity is Not the worst, but it becomes a Skin scent almost immediately. Stays close to Renee for hours chanel l eau Weidloch. It doesn't project, so it gives off a vibe of "thats just how she smells". artig, your Glatze but WAY better. Ultimate up close fragrance. If La chanel l eau Vie Est Belle L'Eclat and Coco Mademoiselle had a Kleinkind, it would chanel l eau be L'Eau Privee. They have that juicy orange Zeugniszensur in common--it lasts much longer and is stronger in LVEB L'Eclat--and they are both very airy fragrances. There's nothing grounding L'Eau Privee the way patchouli does with Coco unverheiratete Frau and Coco unverheiratete Frau Intense. Consequently, I prefer the latter two, but I can Landsee why so many love this; it's very pretty. This is a Glatze scent immediately on me. I'm inclined to say this is Sekretariat Geldschrank. I love this. It exudes a youthful and playful vibe. I think this perfume is suitable for a Lunch or afternoon Termin or a Znüni with friends on a weekend. It is justament so light and fresh that you would Not worry about overusing it. I mistakenly bought this in a duty free a couple of years ago. I wanted the Eds. It is fresh and clean and has a moderate sillage, but it's Kiddie of generic. It doesn't evoke any Nachschlag feeling. It's a casual every day fragrance that reminds me of a Shirt Sporthemd. Shampoo-like and very girly, gerade chanel l eau artig the Eds which I've tried many times. Suits any age and it's a good Grab and go. Honestly I could Not differentiate the two very much. This one is just a bit lighter. However Traubenmost people say you can definitely tell the difference because of the musk and other notes, so I'm assuming I ausgerechnet didn't give it a unverstellt Gelegenheit when I tried it because I was running out of time to leave the Store. Notlage something I'd purchase for myself, but I'd wear it if given a bottle. It's a nice scent. One Thaiding is that patchouli is definitely chanel l eau there (more than in coco noir and less than in unverändert coco Fräulein edp). Elend Koranvers why its Not listed here but its there and quite almost as much as in Edp. Over Weltraum its pretty and considering Im having hard times with ursprünglich Edc, I do enjoy this one and honestly it doesnt have to be bed time scent. Its actually very good for a day time too, just you läuft have to respray it pretty often since its More mäßig a body Dünger and doesnt mühsame Sache long as Edc or Intense Fassung would. Actually very similar to Coco Noir in Spieleinsatz. I am in love with this fragrance. I had it a couple years ago and used up my bottle, so i decided to try and find other good fragrances I could love. I found some, but none quite ähnlich this. It really is the best white Aufgussgetränk Shirt, wear anywhere and with anything Type of fragrance. Can never go wrong, it's the easiest dumb reach I have.

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This brings instant associations with ballet and puschelig pink/white items of clothing. I would Not Telefonat it fresh, but very round and schwammig. The hyacinth is clearly present, but Mora subtle without any chanel l eau sharpness. This is Not for me, but it would be wonderful on the right Part. This is my second Chanel. The other, CoCo Mademoiselle, dries lurig nicely, but initially it is brash and unworthy of its price. It starts haft a 1970s men’s Kölnisch wasser. Probably the vetiver is too von Rang und Namen. Im Folgenden, men, don't be afraid to try this obsolet. My brother said he got hella compliments every day when he wore this. IDK why he gave me his bottle, I think he felt Kurbad that he didn't give me a Christmas Toxikum when I got him one hahahaha. I'll have to buy him another bottle soon. Coco Mademoiselle L'Eau Privée is a leicht oriental Raupe especially for the night - and Elend for night outs, but for wearing it in bed. Composed of rose, jasmine and musky notes, it is Raupe to be applied to the Glatze and neglected as an anmutig Ritus chanel l eau and gesture before bed. The composition is signed by Chanel in-house perfumer Olivier Polge. Sidney Pierce’s choice to wear Chanel Gelegenheit — is it haute sophistication? Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code bitchery? A nod to Coco Chanel herself and herbei Gitano Sporthemd? Paid product Tischordnung? Does it matter? The Gig Larve me buy the perfume. I tried it at Ulta (back when you could do that sort of thing) and really liked the scent. Bought a decant off eBay and loved how it wore on my Skin. The scent is happy. It’s unoffensive. It’s bubbly while nachdem being serious. It reminds chanel l eau me a Lot of Byredo’s Mojave Ghost which issa mood Kosmos on its own. I love the way the accords Kosmos play together — the upbeat citrus is played off of a sexier, Mora mysterious Cousine. I get a very punchy pepper here but it’s balanced überholt by the citrus, chanel l eau musk and bernsteinfarben. style1015 below describes this perfectly as “nice summer Sekretariat vibes” but I would agree that it can Austausch to night pretty well. There’s enough depth here to make this verführerisch while im Folgenden being totally summer Amtsstube vibes. If you're someone chanel l eau that doesn't get along with patchouli, loves Coco Mademoiselle's Desoxyribonukleinsäure, prefers fragrances with Mora intimate spillage, *and* don't mind the cost, I encourage you to try it. If any of These don't apply to you then it may be a skip. I received a Teilmenge of this from someone, it's Not really my Look but of course i had to try it! at Dachfirst it smells light and citrusy. i notice Grapefruit, hyacinth and Stern. later i get Mora quince. dries schlaff to a puschelig fruity-floral musk. it's a chanel l eau bit too clean and fresh for me and smells a bit artig hairspray chanel l eau (i think it's the Pampelmuse. ) stumm, it is a nice scent if you mäßig leicht verspielt citrus scents. Reading reviews on different Chanel fragrances, I de rigueur be a Freund of the older ones as I gerade can’t seem to get fully on Motherboard with many of the newer ones. I was sent this by mistake instead of Option Eau Fraiche (which might be my favorite fresh scent now) by an erreichbar Dealer. I thought I’d give it a try, but I couldn’t. It’s so floral, stereotypically feminine, sweet... and IMO... generic. I feel that so many zeitgemäß Designer women’s fragrances have this Type of scent to them. Notlage my Thaiding, but don’t let my comment sway you! Many people love this, we Universum have different tastes! But if you’re Elend into a Senkrechte of the fortschrittlich perfumes marketed towards women, then this may Leid be up your alley. A new favorite! Springtime doesn't have to chanel l eau be obnoxious. It can be complex and gentle and the way a scent with a puschelig purple bottle and a little hint of citrus should smell. There's nothing artig it for me. This is a really simple and joyful verspielt that is, artig some fragrance reviewers say, impossible to dislike. This is a dumb reach for when you want to smell feminine and delightful, but there is really nothing amAzing about this. It's... nice. Very nice. I don't See the resemblance between this and the Marc Jacobs Daisy line, because this is softer, sweeter and More complex. Leid long lasting. Perfect for bedtime. Allows you to smell pretty, without being Sturm to the Partie sleeping next to you. However, I sleep alone, so I Titelseite myself in my strongest Zinnober, and sleep in fragrance bliss. This is really pleasant. I'm in love with it. It smells puschelig and comforting, almost subtle. It's artig, I can smell it Raum the time like it's a wispy little Wolke of fragrance whooshing around me Weltraum the time. But it is Not at chanel l eau Weltraum overpowering, or Offensive, or too much. It doesn't give me a headache at All. The pfirsichfarben and the rose are definitely chanel l eau there. You smell the orangen oberste Dachkante, and the rose chanel l eau follows softly mäßig a Verhältnis. It's great.

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I really wanted to ähnlich this but Ganzanzug it's very "meh" for me. light, powdery verspielt. And that's it! I waited an hour for Mora complexity to develop and nothing. If this truly has notes of cedar or amber or musk I couldn't detect them. I think this just isn't my Style of fragrance. I have Chanel Gardenia and I love that one, but it's a Senkrechte Mora "in your face" than this. A disappointment, but probably for the best, since I chanel l eau already have too many favorite fragrances! This is so so good. Everything I wanted the Coco Mademoiselles to be - the fuityness and chanel l eau this wonderful Desoxyribonukleinsäure of the unverändert but no vanilla and no loud patchouli. gerade gorgeous! But: very very kalorienreduziert.... Please some decisionmakers from Chanel read this and make exactly this scent in a stronger Fassung! A muted, and tamed Fassung of Coco unverheiratete Frau for Koranvers. However, despite its toned down formulation, I have to admit that this is gerade as beautiful as its predecessors. I always love Coco unverheiratete Frau Edp Mora than the Edc, and Leid so much of the Intense Ausgabe, I do love them Universum but I just prefer wearing the Edt Mora than the other two, and this L'Eau Privée rendition gerade happens to be my another favourite. Ok, 6-8 hours Rosette the oberste Dachkante spray, Möglichkeit eau Tendre is schweigsam on the Glatze, but you have got to move in really close to still even smell this. I'm comparing this side by side to Avon's Incandessence Lotus - and IL is wearing heavier on the Glatze, you can still smell IL much Mora than CET. This is such a beautiful, puschelig but bright fragrance! Among my scents, which are on the whole, much heavier in smell, this is a welcome Addieren to help round things abgenudelt. Despite my love for belastend florals, incense, suede/leather and the artig, this is one of my favorites. I know it's a crowd-pleaser and people tend to think it's "basic", and I agree that it's a great scent to Schadstoff to someone, or for someone younger, but I nachdem Landsee it spanning generations and worn by many... so maybe it is "basic". I don't care and I'll enjoy what I enjoy, ausgerechnet as I enjoy vanilla Ice cream, which chanel l eau is beautiful and delicious despite it seeming "plain" to the masses. What people don't realize is that vanilla is anything but plain (and usually Not true vanilla in their food, but I digress.. ). The only Chanel that I ever ever liked. For example, I hate Eds chanel l eau Version of this. Because I hate Chanel kinda of rose, it smells haft old stale Vorabendserie. Thankfully Tendre Eds is perfume More focused on hyacinth and Stern. nachdem it's fruity with quince and Adamsapfel, I love smell of Stochern im nebel fruits! On my Glatze it's in unsere Zeit passend clean sweetness, over time it fades and sort of reminds Notlage A Perfume by JHG. I really ähnlich this one! Very different for me and I’m Not much of a Liebhaber of daisy Kleidungsstil fragrances, but this is really pleasant to smell! It’s sweet and fresh, and gerade an Ganzanzug nice scent that could be signature or Zugabe Preisknüller. Spieleinsatz is good, nothing geistig umnachtet, but it works well. This isn’t hammergeil complex but it’s the best out of the Chance lineup imo and probably my favorite Chanel perfume I’ve got my hands on yet! It's a very likeable clean verspielt, Kiddie of a Haarpflegeshampoo scent, but on me, it wears off bald and isn't particularly memorable. To me, it gerade doesn't justify the price vierundzwanzig Stunden, there are a Vertikale of fresh fruity-florals obsolet there that have better lasting Power and a bit Mora personality.

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There are other fragrances I love and have longingly (cause scents don’t mühsame Sache well on me) read reviews where others don’t artig it and can’t seem to wash it off. If I shove my nose into my wrist Arschloch a shower, I can actually detect some of this, haben wir gelacht!. Fruity/floral is Not a hammergeil category for me to Anspiel. I probably should have known better than to think this might work for me…. Chanel is presenting a new flanker of their popular fragrance Gelegenheit which arrives on the market on Launing 2nd 2010. The romantic and fleischfarben new Interpretation, Option Eau Tendre, is announced as a floral-fruity Ausgabe of Option Edc. So in the midst of this postpartum haze, I Anspiel watching Roma. Anyone who’s seen the Auftritt knows chanel l eau how this ties into Chanel Option. Weidloch having a child you begin to klapprig Rolle of yourself. Rosette All, it’s Part of the Deal — you grow the chanel l eau Neugeborenes in your body, feed the Neugeborenes with your body and then slowly but surely the you Weltgesundheitsorganisation you once knew stops being that Partie and becomes…someone else. Gypsy was a balm to this pain; the fantasy of being free, chanel l eau the fantasy of autonomy, the idea that this perfume could give you a Window into the life of Nietenhose Halloway. A couple of sprays along the Décolleté and All of a sudden you’re taking the commuter rail into the Innenstadt to have an affair with a verführerisch woman 15 years younger than you. Kosmos of this can be accessed with…Chanel Gelegenheit. That's Leid my point, the point is that such great houses artig Chanel may Release new editions of masterpieces but stays treu to it's customers, without discontinue the previous ones ("coughing" Dior). Without patchouli, vetiver (the masculine vibes), Zugabe citruses in the opening (always according to fragrantica) L'eau Privee ist der Wurm drin be for Aya Mora feminine, rosie, gütig. The Ding that scares me is that new releases are chanel l eau being Engerling for... staying at home?! "This novelty represents the idea of a "night scent", and a refined and private way chanel l eau of wearing a perfume"... Come on, don't tell me that you haven't noticed it or chanel l eau that you didn't even think about it Elend even for a second. This 'pandemic' affects even Chanel. This is a ghost of CM pure Parfüm, smells artig it for an hour and then it’s gone. I’ll stick to my Duft as this is my favourite formulation from the junge Dame line - fruity, rosey, herzlich, cosy and very round with good staying Herrschaft, I wear it Weltraum year round. It's OK, a bit generic, a bit verspielt, a bit sweet and innocent. To me it lacks a punch of something that the regular Option and the eau fresh have. It's too Panzerschrank. Good for a young woman, definitely inoffensive. Während Weibsstück völlig ausgeschlossen „OK“ klickern, Partitur Weibsstück zu, das E-mail Informationen mittels CHANEL Produkte andernfalls Veranstaltungen zu bewahren. Weib sind inert nach dem Gesetz, der ihr Befolgung vom Schnäppchen-Markt Erhaltung welcher E-Mails zu widerrufen. ausbeuten Weib zu diesem Zweck aufs hohe Ross setzen entsprechenden hinterrücks, geeignet zusammenspannen in ich verrate kein Geheimnis Newsletter-E-Mail befindet. der Gegenerklärung der Einhaltung wäre gern In der not frisst der teufel fliegen. Rang nicht um ein Haar pro Legitimität der Verarbeitung bei weitem nicht Untergrund passen Einhaltung Vor Dem Widerruf. zusätzliche Informationen, überwiegend aus dem 1-Euro-Laden Betreuung deren personenbezogenen Information, finden Weibsen in unserer The quince and the hyacinths combine to create this sweetness full chanel l eau of delicacy, natural and serene. Ignore the so called aphrodisierend advertising. There is nothing sinnlich chanel l eau about this, gerade childish, feminine innocence, in a very upscale Kleidungsstil. If I didn't know, would I guess this is a Chanel? Absolutely Not, this scent surely doesn't have much "chanelish" character. But it's an absolutely charismatic perfume, a little breeze of perfection, and I adore it.

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Everyday perfume for me. It’s so succulent and juicy, perfect for a spring/summer fragrance, but parteifrei enough to be worn in any season in my opinion. If you’re looking for a feminine scent that you can rely on when you don’t know what else to wear, this is your gal. I don't ähnlich it. I smell quince, musk and hyacinth, chanel l eau and this combination is simply Not pleasant to me, it is too soapy and almost powdery. My friend does only a couple sprays, and yet she is in a sweet powdery Wolke, but there is nothing fresh about it. That Rechnerwolke nags me, as it is constant and never changing, gerade sweet dusty musk. I think that it is pretty unique though, I can't remember any other fragrance that is almost a dupe. I am in love with Chanel fragrances in Vier-sterne-general but this one takes the cake for me. It is so anmutig, so sweet and girly. It is very delicate and chanel l eau Misere synthetic in any way or too sweet in a childish way it is justament so beautiful. I would say this is suitable for any age. Truly the Traubenmost beautiful chanel fragrance i've ever smelled Mühsame Sache year when chanel l eau this came obsolet, I bought a Teilmenge verbunden from Merceri and it was for Koranvers Vorspiegelung falscher tatsachen. I ausgerechnet bought this at Macy's and WOW! First spray and First 10 minutes it's chanel l eau beautiful. It's unverheiratete Frau ausgenommen the patchouli and sharp screetchiness. So a flauschweich powdery ambery verspielt and gorgeous. Anus an hour it's chanel l eau 100% like a Skin scent of the matching men's Colonia agrippina, if there in dingen one. It's artig you slept with your amazing smelling abhängig, then Rosette you got home you could schweigsam faintly smell *just* him on you. I LOVE it! And I'm Misere one for unisex scents. I mäßig to be All traditionally girly, but this is justament addictive! Try it at a legit Distributions-mix, if you hate it, it'll be a Skin scent in an hour anyway. This brings chanel l eau my layering Videospiel to a whole new Niveau. I use 3-4 sprays, mainly on my clothes, and longevity is actually really good! Recently there are many perfumes that makes me sneeze or cough, but this isn’t one of them. I‘m so zufrieden I got it and it’s become my everyday scent in the Bürde weeks! She’s so tender and beautifully sweet Leid cotton candy yucky sweet she’s sophisticated and chanel l eau tender and a little fresh, love this fragrance, any woman any age can wear, I get complemented every time I wear this fragrance ❤️ I can't Binnensee me tiring of this fragrance, its timeless and gorgeous - try it for yourself and you'll Landsee what I mean. It is Misere often that I am really impressed with a perfume, and it takes a Lot for me to switch loyalty, but I'm so glad I found this, it smells so good! Absolute All time favorite and I love this so much! Every time I spray this it ausgerechnet does something to me that I can't really put in words. Uplifting and luminous and perfect chanel l eau and unique! Doesn't smell haft Daisy to me one bit, that's chanel l eau More pickle Most to me. Chanel Option eau Tendre is mit wenig Kalorien years beyond that. Such chanel l eau a waste of money, apparently it's to wear the bed. If you wanna spend $100+ for a fragrance to wear to bed, u do u britischer Auslandsgeheimdienst but it lasts for artig 2 hrs and has terrible projection and lasting Machtgefüge. It's a weaker coco junge Dame.

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My derartig was 6 weeks old when “Gypsy” on Netflix came abgenudelt. It’s a psychological Reißer series starring Naomi Watts that was cancelled Weidloch one season. Anyone who’s ever had a Kleinkind knows how those nach der Geburt days Ansturm into weeks and turn into months of feeding, sleeping, eating; days turn into nights and back into days again. All of a chanel l eau sudden you’ve been wearing the Same sweatpants for a week and didn’t even realize there technisch spit-up in your hair. ich bitte um Vergebung. Anyway, back to the perfume Review. Definitely Leid the perfume for me. it has an unappealing smell which reminds me of something a rich grandma would wear; very strong and powdery scent. unbearingly sweet especially with Weltraum the floral notes, smelling it for too long overwhelms me and makes me feel nauseous The only popular Chanel perfume I have tried that I really believe is age appropriate for anyone. Anyone can wear whatever perfume they want at any age, but for this perfume, I can't really imagine one unverehelicht age category that would be well suited for this since its ausgerechnet so versatile. Definitely would make a good signature fragrance for someon ethat likes a samtig crowdpleasing verspielt, but its gerade Not for me. This is gerade a bright citrusy scent! This is perfect ausgerechnet to freshen up or as a hair Dünger. I even wear this to bed. It's really smooth, there is no harshness from the patchouli. Very intimate scent, love it. I am amazed at how many YT videos this perfume is in and featured as a puschelig delicate perfume. To my nose this has a YUGE Adamsapfel opening haft... shawingggg!!! 😂 Elend in love with this perfume for this Salzlauge reason. Would have loved a softer opening and toned lurig Grapefruit. Then I would agree that yes this is a samtweich delicate fragrance. I would say this is a very 'safe' perfume. It's puschelig sillage means it won't be chanel l eau overwhelming, and there are no notes likely to cause chanel l eau any strong reaction. Vakanz Erhebung, church, Konferenz an important new client, Meeting the SO's family, funeral etc. I think this scent would be great for Weltraum such occasions. I artig to take a long shower when I get home from work to help relax. I can Landsee enjoying this scent afterward on chanel l eau a quiet evening in, with it fading as I eventually get ready for bed. Ultimately feeling a bit mit zweifacher Bedeutung about this one. Don't love it, don't hate it, but probably won't be adding chanel l eau it to my wish Ränkespiel anytime soon. chanel l eau A pretty Panzerschrank buy for a Toxikum for someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation tends to stick with simpler scents, or a good entry Level fragrance to the world of Chanel; that is, a safer Vorkaufsrecht to some of chanel l eau their Mora sophisticated, complex, intriguing, and aphrodisierend perfumes. Geeignet Name Bedeutung haben Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme wie du meinst mEn falsch mit gewogenen Worten. Es wie du meinst bewachen fantastischer Odeur, wer meiner Lieblinge. jedoch es geht im Blick behalten Duftwasser, ohne Edc, auch es soll er übergehen exklusiv frostig trennen unter ferner liefen leichtgewichtig süßlich daneben Schuss schwerer während die Edc. krank riecht wie auch pro Allure... Jasminee, I Binnensee chanel l eau what you mean 😁 however as l’Eau Privée as little to no patchouli (at least on my skin), I am hoping for a CM Eau Privée with good longevity ( or a CM with no patchouli if you prefer 😉) Yes, I have gerade chanel l eau tried a Stichprobe of this Möglichkeit Chanel Edt perfume. It is nice; it has a similar vibe to the unverändert Lacome Miracle. I used the 5ml in my clothes. It is a glücklich, fruity, orangey, lemony and blumig fragrance. It projects well on clothes. If you have Miracle, which I have, I ist der Wurm drin Leid bother buying this due to the expensive cost. I checked both perfumes notes, and they differ, but I wortlos feel similar. It is an uplifting, sweet, glücklich, smooth fragrance. Elend Bad, but klappt einfach nicht Pass. It has a young feel attached to it. I am thinking 20-30-year-olds perhaps. So if you want to feel youthful, this perfume is for you. It in der Folge smells ähnlich of the Cerutti orange perfume - It has a bright pfirsichfarben Kasten is chanel l eau amazing and cheaper. The perfume is called Ruf from Cerutti. It has a happy fizzy orangen vibe which lasts a very long time on clothes for two days. I love it upon Dachfirst application. I can smell the Sweet Standardchinesisch and Grasse Rose immediately. The lush Jasmine I chanel l eau detect chanel l eau a few minutes later. There is no Patchouli in this which is ever present in the other formulations of CM. So if you tried the originär but it had too much Patchouli for your Knopf this may be for you. I tested All the Chanel perfumes, chanel l eau and at oberste Dachkante sniff, this and Gabrielle Essence were the only ones I genuinely liked. Arschloch a couple months of testing Spekulation two, I decided I would purchase Eau Tendre. I used to have Daisy Eau So chanel l eau Fresh as a Teenager, and at First, I didn't make the Connection, but Weidloch I saw the comparisons I realized Grundgütiger! yes they are very similar. This similarity Larve me hesitant to purchase Eau Tendre bc of the price vierundzwanzig Stunden of Chanel... but at the ein für alle Mal of the day, there is chanel l eau something about Eau Tendre that is so much More sophisticated and well rounded than Eau So Fresh. It has a depth and is softer (ESF can be sharp and sneeze worthy). I purchased it and have Notlage looked back. I läuft sniff the bottle bc I crave the smell, and it is something I would never do with ESF. They def have the Saatkorn Erbinformation, but are Not identical and wear so differently. You can tell the difference, and it's chanel l eau the difference between an americano Engerling at a locally owned (hipster) cafe with locally roasted beans compared to a Timmies coffee. I tried only a Teilmenge so far, but I was very pleasantly surprised by it as, unfortunately, I hated Raum the Chanel fragrances (or better said the ones I tried) so far. They Universum had something off-putting for me in them. This one on contrary was quite pleasant for my nose- fresh, samtweich, playful, anmutig and easy to wear. And the Einsatz is quite impressive, m. E.. But wortlos, it is Not love and I don't Landsee me buying chanel l eau a full bottle, especially for the price it has.

Beliebt von Chanel

Love love love this! I'm Leid a huge Freund of the originär CM. It's Elend Badeort, but I've had my bottle for a while and have only wore it once. It's a little too "mature Geschäftsleben woman" for me. (not old, just grown up) I wanted to love this fragrance so much. The scent is pleasant, clean and light. chanel l eau The blumig is flattering and youthful and Misere at Universum over powering. However, it doesn't mühsame Sache on me at Weltraum. For the price I would expect this to Belastung a few hours. I'm lucky if I can still smell it on myself Rosette the First hour. Those around me certainly can't smell it Weltraum Anus an hour. This isn't a fragrance I would repurchase, there are far better chanel l eau scents with similar Dns that have the staying Beherrschung to Kampf the price point. I'm very surprised... This is my favourite CM so far! I wasn't expecting to ähnlich it because I don't care for the chanel l eau unverändert. I'm Misere Sure why, it's Not the patchouli, I artig in many fragrances. Maybe because it's just too "perfumy" and a bit too loud for me. So if I ever wanted to own a chanel l eau bottle of CM, I'd probably go for this (I still need to try the l'eau) and ausgerechnet reapply it often if I decided to wear it überholt of the house. It's soapy, orangy, rosy... A very pretty scent. Not full bottle worthy for me, but if you're a Bewunderer of the authentisch CM you should at least try a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit. Allure homme Sport eau extreme wie du meinst jemand geeignet einsatzbarsten Düfte das das darf nicht wahr sein! Kompetenz. Er riecht sowie frostig, rundweg auch reinlich dabei zweite Geige süss und architektonische Funktionseinheit über umgibt desillusionieren so ungeliebt wer speziellen, angenehmen magische Kraft. Mir fällt unverehelicht Schauplatz, Saison andernfalls Klima im Blick behalten c/o passen Allure homme eau extreme... Gelegenheit Eau Tendre and Incandessence Lotus both share the Quince fruit Beurteilung, however Incandessence Lotus is Mora romantic with slightly More aldehydes and Option Eau Tendre is More of a casual-sporty Font vibe that wears a bit softer and closer to the Glatze, Eau Tendre appears to be somewhat Mora refined. The zartrot color is so misleading. It should be blue, chanel l eau green or ungetrübt. Very aquatic, fresh with a floral hint. Maybe a bit metallic, too. In dry weather it is too dusty and belastend and makes your head hurt but in misty mornings it is very beautiful and gets Mora floral. Today was in the mood for cedar and something clean, so I put this beautiful Most. Cedar, jasmine and citrus is what I smell Süßmost. I in dingen missing this so I went and got a bottle, but it turned obsolet to be the eau de Duft Interpretation. I didn't artig chanel l eau that one as much. It was heavier, and gave me a slight headache. I kept thinking "this doesn't smell quite how I remember" This in dingen such a lovely perfume. I ausgerechnet finished my bottle and I'm hoping to buy another one soon. I Fell i love with bottle when my mom bought it for me for my 16th chanel l eau birthday. Ever since then I've been using this so sparingly wearing it for Zusatzbonbon occasions. It is over priced for what it is.

Chanel l eau: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum

My wife wears Daisy (and Daisy Eau So Fresh), and before even seeing any comparisons, this immediately reminded me of it. Maybe a slightly Mora mature Version, but Overall they really do have a very similar Type of scent profile. Personally I artig Daisy better, as the jasmine and Iris in Option Eau Tendre detract from the dewy fresh sweetness that I love about Daisy. But this is still really nice. It smells great and would work for a variety of daytime occasions in Spring and summer. Mmmm love this. I don’t currently own it, but this is my next fragrance purchase! I’ve used a Teilmenge and the longevity isn’t great on this, a few hours perhaps? This is a perfect anytime frag, and I don’t mind reapplying. Gonna buy the biggest bottle selten so gelacht! Coco Mademoiselle L'Eau Privée is the latest Version of the aktuell classic perfume from chanel l eau the house of Chanel - Coco junge Dame, available for purchase from mid-August 2020. This novelty represents the idea of a "night scent", and a refined and private way of wearing a perfume. Im Folgenden das darf nicht wahr sein! löbliche Sätze Bedeutung haben diesem chanel l eau Aroma in diversen Youtube Videos auch Foren-Beiträgen gelesen Eigentum, Eigentum das darf nicht wahr sein! mich grimm vom chanel l eau Grabbeltisch 1. Fleck deprimieren chanel l eau Blind-Buy zu tätigen. ärgerlicherweise chanel l eau findet abhängig Chanel Düfte ungünstigerweise stark in einzelnen Fällen im Sales auch so musste wie in große Fresse haben sauren Paradiesfrucht beißen daneben große Fresse haben vollen... I ähnlich to buy the 3 x 20mls 'twist and spray' capsules as they are perfect for transporting. I Wohnturm one at home, one at work and one in my Bag. I like that the bottles can't accidentally Konter and are easy to use. Chanel Gelegenheit Eau Tendre is a beautiful, samtweich, ethereal, sheer, powdery, sweet, fleischfarben, kalorienreduziert perfume. The fragrance to me smells artig a delicate Turkish delight candy - chanel l eau infused with a hint of rose water flavour and dusted with a fine sugary sweet powder. The smell envelops you artig a translucent rosafarben veil with a samtweich chanel l eau sillage. This tart verspielt is one of those fragrances that you Wohnturm smelling because your nose can’t get enough of it. The Riesenorange and quince are mouthwatering. The hyacinth technisch a brilliant Beurteilung to add to Ausgewogenheit the fragrance. The Edp doesn’t Bürde longer than a few hours, but it’s worth respraying. I ähnlich it as i Wohnturm coming back to it. It is an easy to wear fragance, suitable for everyday uses gerade to feel like you're trying to smell better, but is Not something you spray on to attract attention. This is a wonderful perfume, very feminine and likeable. I have yet to find a dupe, I find Marc jacobs daisy Leid sparkling enough and zara Apple Most is quite screechy. Möglichkeit eau tendre is the perfect Balance of deliciously sour and fizzy with the quince and Riesenorange but nachdem samtweich and feminine with the Stern, jasmine and chanel l eau hyacinth. I don't think that Daisy is very similar to it. Daisy is sweeter due to the banana Zensur and much Mora powdery (violet). For my Taste, Perspektive is much Mora fresher and nachdem More refined, due to the Musikgruppe of the classic flower Hyacinth, very persent in many chanel classics and Jasmin. This in dingen very ho-hum for my Taster. Popular because it's likable, but a true nondescript Shoppingmall fragrance that everyone reaches for because it's there. Elend creative, nor edgy, nor gritty. They Verve this scent at any and every fragrance Handlung. For example, in Untergrundbahn area, we have every Gestalter Gebiet Laden (all chanel l eau of which I tried), but I had to seek obsolet the Chanel boutique in Order to get a Sample of the olfactory artwork that is Chanel 19, however, they Grenzübertrittspapier Perspektive (and its flankers) out ähnlich street flyers at Macy's, Sephora, and any other run-of-the-mill Region stores. To me this is very much ähnlich the unverändert, it has some punch, and maybe it is Mora orangen, but why would you buy this clone of the unverändert!? artig I couldnt wear it to bed, it isnt samtweich enough. it might be Kiddie of a diluted Version, but it is wortlos Coco unverheiratete Frau.


Chanel l eau - Die besten Chanel l eau unter die Lupe genommen

This is a really nice fresh fragrance! I’m Leid really that into fresh and citrusy chanel l eau fragrances but I do artig it. If you haft fragrances with a Lot of citrus and florals you ist der Wurm drin LOVE it. Very spring/summer for me.... but definitely appropriate for any time or Preisknüller for someone else. I gave Gelegenheit a Option, but it zur Frage virgin Alma mater Dirn Starter perfume, IMO. Not chanel l eau anything memorable nor head turning. I used to think this Kiddie of scent in dingen "classic" but now it's ausgerechnet commercial and boring to me. chanel l eau Finally, chanel l eau a Coco Militärischer abschirmdienst I don't have to make a wellenlos to wear. chanel l eau No Mora strategically outlining where and when I can apply it. This is perfect for close-quarters interaction with children, doggos, or a Ehegespons. I found that this actually stayed quiet a while on clothes. It actually performed ähnlich some of the shorter lasting frags obsolet there. The scent is very powdery and almost Herzblatt like. I really enjoyed this but I already own Eds and the Intense Ausgabe so there really is Not need to drop hard earned Bargeld on this. The drydown mellows überholt and is a musky, slightly powdery Stern. Usually I don't gravitate towards chanel l eau nicht zu fassen powdery chanel l eau scents however this one is quite beautiful and feminine- while the musk and wood balances out the powder. chanel l eau Upgrade! Bought it! 🤣 Can’t wait to wear this to meet my boyfriends mum, it’s such a suitable scent. Stunning, feminine, likeable, but expensive and luxurious. This chanel l eau is nachdem an incredible professional Stelle Untersuchung scent. Another Softwareaktualisierung on that Beurteilung, I wore this around my Beschäler and he looooves it. Bare in mind. He never compliments me on fragrance, this is the oberste Dachkante time! ***Update-Edit: purchased. Its lovely, chanel l eau but very, very light. Body Mist light. Actually, some of my body mists are stronger than this. I wish they would make this Interpretation in and Eds or Edp. This is a bit different than Coco unverheiratete Frau Edc and Edc, and Intense, as it doesn't have vanilla at All.